Hydroton Growbed - My 1st Attemp

Another Growbed in the process of completion, this time I use Hydroton (LECA) to try out. I'll calculate the costing in comparison to stones or pebbles later : Here

 This time I use a strainer holder made of 110 mm PVC pipe endcap, compare to gluing strainer direct a strainer holder is easier to work with. However water remaining after siphon cut off will be half an inch more than the direct glued on.

Two gasket are used one on each side of this holder to prevent leak and please take note that this gasket at bottom try to use a thicker rubber due to sometimes the growbed tub is uneven and cause a leak.

 Above holder and stand pipe in place.

Water inlet I tap from existing pump, making it feed three growbed. No problem since this pump I am using has excess capacity.

Those Hydroton (LECA) are smaller in size, so my 10 mm holes strainer not able to handle it properly. A quickie additional strainer made of plastic netting fixed the problem.

Three bags of LECA is not enough, I'll get another bag. So 4 bag of LECA needed for each of my growbed.

Under Growbed plumbing, I don't have enough 25 mm PVC that the reason for stepping up to 40 mm. I need to change that to all the way 25 mm.


  1. perhaps we can do a mix and match for the growbed. bottom half to put on the pebbles and top part with LECA..think its possible?

    1. Its possible, bottom 2 ~ 3 inches put larger rock so that it will provide better drainage, and hydroton to top it up till 12 inch.