To Kuchai OR Not To Kuchai

Kuchai or Chinese Chive is a nice fragrant vegetable, these are perennial plants and once grown it will produce all year round. We use this as stir fry or in deep fried dumplings.

I already sown few seeds last week, but today I want to try using cuttings. This plant are grown from bulbs which are the easiest method but difficult to obtain or seeds which is difficult to sprout. As I said this is a trial, I have no idea whether it will grow.

These are sold in supermarkets without their bulbs because they are harvest by cutting about an inch above ground level and remaining bulbs will regrow and cycle repeat. All I need are those first 2 inches or so as above and TRY using it as cuttings.

Need all the help I can get, dip it in rooting compound and stick it in to sowing mix.

Manage to get 15 cuttings from that supermarket bundle, those seeds that I sown still no sign of life yet. Let see whether this will work or not.

Give it a good spray to get everything moist and cool, some protection from the elements and hope for the best.

And wait for 2 long weeks to see if this is a blunder or not :)

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