Transplanting Rosemary

Have Rosemary planted in a small pot as initial start. Out of four, three so far made it to this stage in my aquaponics gutterbed. Decide to transplant it to bigger pots so that it can continue to grow.

Rosemary is a shallow rooting plant and it doesn’t do well in Aquaponics. The last time I plant this was in the traditional growbed, trying out in gutterbed. Hope it will have better chances of surviving the water this time.

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Cleaning of the gutterbed.

Cleaning of the aquaponics system is something need to be done from time to time. The gutterbed is easily maintain and clean as compared to the traditional growbed.

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Aquaponics Live Stream - General Q & A 18th April 2020

Streaming live - series of Q & A

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Aquaponics Basic - Rejuvenating Garlic Chives

It’s already a few years since I put this Chive into my aquaponics system, its seriously need a redo so that it can continue to gives endless supply of herbs.

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Aquaponics Q & A - Session 17th April 2020

These are few answers to question asked on my youtube video. I try to answer most question as best as possible.

Reader Questions

1. Makanan ikan: jenis palet apa dan protein content banyak mana?

2. Kekerapan feeding: macam mana nak kira berapa banyak nak bagi makan dalam satu hari? 

3. Diy rack: rack besi tu, boleh share nama dan komponen2 yang diperlukan. Kalau boleh, nak tahu juga di mana dan berapa harga roughly setiap komponen. (saya jarang pegi hardware 😅😅

4. Stocking density : ada cara tak nak kira berapa minimum - maximum ikan yg boleh masuk dalam tank 

5. Stocking density : ada efek pada ikan kalau terlalu crowded populasi dalam fish tank.

6. Stocking density : ada efek ketara tak pada pokok kalau populasi dalam fish tank tak berapa banyak

7. Fish type : boleh campur adukkan ikan dalam satu tank tak? Kalau boleh, apa jenis2 ikan yg boleh hidup harmoni dalam satu tank

8. Growth rate: berdasarkan pengalaman tn, berapa lama ambil masa tumbesaran ikan dari fry ke saiz yg palatable?

9. Output: kalau kuantiti ikan yg bersaiz palatable terlalu banyak, biasanya tuan simpan atau makan atau jual? 

10. Benih: Macam mana nak dapat benih ikan? 

11. Piping : bagi seorang yang jarang diy, jarang pegi hardware, salah satu cabaran awal ialah nak buat/assemble piping. Boleh share komponen2 basic yg selalu digunakan utk buat piping aquaponic system. Nak drill, nak tebuk tank, nak buat lubang, tanak ada bocor etc. 

The answer is I am providing is at an Enthusiast home size setup level.

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Spying on the Tilapia - My Equipment set up

This is my time lapse video set up for spying on the Tilapia. I need to monitor especially the brooder to check them for any fry. This is a very simple setup that I use.

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Live Streaming Test on Youtube

With the extension of MCO/PKP we are running out of ideas of what to do at home. The government gave few suggestions, gardening is one of free time activities that was recommended. Unfortunately, it is something majority of us are lacking on the availability of space for this.

Aquaponics is something that can solve this problem, have a look at this test streaming. It is short but the point covered is worth to ponder further.

I’ll try to do a live streaming on Youtube if anyone interested. The equipment ready and tested, just that I am new to live broadcast so don’t expect a smooth without hiccup kind of streaming.

Any inputs is highly appreciated, to improve my streaming.

Checking pH it’s not as difficult as you think

Checking and keeping pH value within the recommended value is not a hard thing to do. Here I am sharing how it’s done. Please check my previous post here on using limestones to maintain a good ph value.

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Breeding Tilapia - Restocking Fish The Natural Way

It is a simple process to get fresh stock of Tilapia fry, this video I share the way I do it anytime I need to restock my Tilapia.

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