This is for Subang Jaya Installation

This is for installation in Subang Jaya to modified the siphon outlet due there is too much inflow.

1. Either make a restriction like this below :


2. Try adding an elbow with a short 3 inches of 25 mm PVC with final horizontal incline towards fish tank. No other changes to existing pipe just add to make an incline with second elbow as below.

Please try ... the pump used was slightly higher capacity, since 2 growbed involve, and unbalance will cause the other growbed to receive more that its fair share of the inflow.


  1. I found the addition of a stopcock before final discharge will control the amount of inflow into the respective GB's and also ensure the proper functioning of the bell siphon.

    1. Yes this is one of the various way to do it, best if we can use a match pump without any restriction. A diversion of water inlet is also an option or readjustment on siphon outlet can work too.