Aquaponics Tips - Water Loss Compensation

Water loss is a big issue over here in hot equatorial weather especially during dry spell. It will affect more on smaller system, and to be away for a week or so then it could be a disaster waiting to happen.
To  compensate during this period of hot spell or unattended system running I decided to make a trickle water compensation into my fish tank. I saw it was done by Zulhairi in his blog site and it's a good idea.
I use a small tap and hose that commonly use for water filter and just metered the flow rate by adjusting tap position. I need about 5 ~ 6 liter per hour flow rate. The measuring container above was use to check how much water flow after about 15 minutes. The rest is just adjusting tap to get the approximate correct flow.

Update 22/7/2013 : After 2 days of operation, I readjust water to 4 Liter/hour flow rate. Will be monitoring these next two weeks.
Once I had obtain the correct flow, the small tap handle is removed and safe-keep, this to ensure no accidental closing or opening of this tap that could cause major problem to my set. Basically to keep off "small fingers" from messing with it. Full water shut off is by closing that water cock on the wall below the tap if trickle flow is not needed.
Water trickling into fish tank. Chlorine is not a major concern since the flow is too small.

Update : 11 August 2013

I left my Aquaponics set unattended for 5 days during a festive holiday, no problem at all with water level. It maintain just nice throughout the period running by itself. Water level sufficient and no sign of over spilling or too much water. Adjusted rate is 4 liter per hour drip. Total water volume in system is about 1200 liter and at 4 liter its will be about 96 Liter daily @ 8% compensation.


  1. Why not just use a float valve?

    1. Water loss is about 5% or less daily from splashes, evaporation and plants, this drip method is easiest and cheapest to do. Like fit and forget without any movable parts. If I add a float, I would need to mount the float underwater to the level that I need for it to trigger I find it is more difficult to do and more problematic and it can go wrong. I can't afford a failed components in my set, the result can be disastrous. So this is the easiest and least can go wrong. :)

  2. Assalamoalaikum,
    Great tip...

  3. Hi Affnan,

    How about the fish if u leave aquaponics 5 days unattended. Who feed the fish? Auto feeder?thanks

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