Update 25th May 2013

Slow progress over this last few months, I have added about 100 more Tilapia in the Right hand return tank hope this will beef up nutrient that is lacking in my system. Need to do water ph test tomorrow and adjust as required.

Plants grown and few already harvested for own consumption, photos that follows are taken last 2 days and some from today's shot.

That's the overall look of my set now it a CRAFTS installation.

Okra is thin but fruiting and below Kangkung most of these I gave it to the Tilapia.

Brinjal plants below steadily growing.

Turmeric doing great below.

Mixed batches of Selom, Kesum and Mint.

Heat wave... extreme .. plants wilting in the sun.

This hydroton growbed waiting for fresh seedling below.

Sown few seeds to grow over this next couple of week.

Those fresh fingerling I bought last Monday 20th May 2013

They are keeping that Tin Foil Barb company.

Made a "Dog Cage" for my seedlings.

Video update 25th May 2013.

CRAFTS - A Short Presentation

Crayfish Aquaponics

Feeder tank has its water level constantly fluctuating, not a good place if you are a fish.. this is where I decide to get the Crayfish, sometimes they were called Crawfish, Crawdad or even fresh water lobster. Not sure its same as Yabbies as in Australia.
Just received few to tryout and lets see ... these are easily breed and in feeder tank they should be okay with water not full all the time.
Just learned from the person that provide these crayfish. Looking at photo below the top crayfish is female and the bottom is male the different is in the circle. The pincers with reddish colour is male and without is female. Lots to learn on this crayfish, especially how to take care of them.
Next would be breeding these crayfish and produce for self use.
Few of the crayfish hiding in pvc pipes.
Need to remove most few more Tilapia and leave only a handful to ensure mosquito is under control. Crayfish don't eat mosquito larvae.

It's Busy In May

Have to put my Aquaponics task on hold for a while.. May is a busy month for me.. just back earlier today from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Borneo and tomorrow afternoon I'm off to Singapore for a week. 
Above street of Kota Kinabalu, far end is the Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu.. nice hotel.
Heaven for fresh seafood.
Hope things will be slowing down a bit after this Singapore trip and prior to 14 July, which I should be heading to Victoria, Canada for 2 weeks.
Oh.. well.. only have time to reply comments, email and youtube.