17th Feb

Major work today involving electrical wiring. About time I change the bus bar outlet as its not safe for outside. Rain may cause electrical fault and entire house may trip, worst is its always happened when we are not around.

 Installed this weather proof box for electrical distribution and its big enough to put a timer inside it. So the pump now on a 12 hour shift duty. That aerator still 24/7, I'm looking for a daylight switch that has a Day "ON" and a Night "ON" .

So far I found only the Night "ON" photo switch. If I can find the ones with dual alternate output then I can do away with timer. Just use the Day "ON" output for pumps and the other for aerator.

More seeds germinate, Kailan, Cherry Tomato and Okra shows 100% germination rate. Chinese chives and Letuce not as good no sign of life yet.

Chinese hive and Ulam Raja here, that cuttings I need to keep moist. Even if one manage to grow it would be good news for me, since I can't recall anyone use cuttings for this plants.


  1. Dear Bro Affnan,

    My recommendation on the photo switch if you can't find the light sensor you are looking for is to use two of the night ON switch because it is easily available. However, one of the switch should be connected to a relay that will reverse the signal (from night ON to night OFF ie day ON). Find a suitable relay and study the diagram so that when the sensor trigger, the relay output will reverse the signal. It is do-able and could be cheaper. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for your comment Khafif, I thought of that too but its quite difficult to look for an AC Relay. One photo switch would do and relay can have "Single Pole Double Throw" to make an ON at Night the other during the day.

      However I am a bit hesitant to take this route due to the few components involved, I may open up the existing Photo Switch and see whether I can put an additional contact for alternate action in it.

  2. can i know where do you get your grow media ? How much is it?
    Also do you know where i can get leca ? thinking of mixing both so that the leca will hold some moisture

    1. I has made a new posting on this topic since you are not the only person that wanted to find out. Go to : http://affnan-aquaponics.blogspot.com/2013/02/aquaponics-supplies.html