Crawfish Update

Cooling off for Larry & Moe
They like to have water pouring on their head. There are five left out of the initial seven, the two just disappear. I will need to get two males to replace those that is missing.

Ornamental Set Tomatoes Looks Good

This set is on 5 fish power and it is doing okay I guess.. 2 photos below was taken on 1st. Feb 2015

The following were taken on 26th Feb, the fruits developing slowly. It is very hot this last one week or two and it shows on the plants straining it leaves.

Blooming Strawberry

It is too hot in February, few of the strawberry plants died and due to heat. All not lost, spotted a few bloom on few of the plants. I let it developed and see what happen.

Nothing to be proud off, but it's something to look forward to.

Bettas Pump Replaced

Having problem with the Betta 6000 pump last few weeks, water flow has drop so much at times it's trickling into the growbeds.
Not good for siphon operation, especially these earlier growbeds which uses the 25 mm siphon.
Since I have a spare pump that I did not use, it is best just to reuse it before I get a more permanent solution. So the Resun Penguin pump re installed to the fish tank and in no time the flow is back at full force.
This pump output exceed what is required for 4 growbed, so I had to provide diversion at before the growbeds one on each side of the water feed.

The crayfish tank is using part of the diverted water.
Good flow, but the Resun pump is rated power is more that the Betta 6000 pump consumption.

Staking Tomatoes

Tomatoes has grown and they need staking, some already producing flowers and small fruits. Use PVC conduit as stake since this is the cheapest solution and will last a long time.
We can plant eight pots of tomatoes in this small growbed, but here only six since it is sharing space with other plants.
The stake are fan outward to give more room for sunlight and easier to check for pest and other problem that may crop up later if the plants were close together.
Few plants flowering and it's important that we have staking as support.
Forgotten which variety are these, should be cherry tomatoes if I'm not mistaken.
The tomatoes in the ornamental set also needs support and as the ones in the back I stake them fan out to create bigger canopy to give more sun.
The plants in this set also flowering and have a single tomatoes growing. On the ornamental set, the plants are not that healthy looking, maybe due to lack of nutrient because there is only few gold fish in this set. I will need to add more fish to get better nutrient production.

This ornamental set is the one using my smallest siphon, it was an experimental setup. This was the reason why I didn't put many fish.

That's about it on the tomatoes.