Aquaponics Supplies

I got many query on where do I get my growbed media. This serve as to show where is it so that it would be easier for those that wanting to get same item.

These are for people staying in and around the Klang Valley area, other parts of the country I am not familiar with.

Note : I will update this page if I manage to get information on other places.

LECA (Hydroton)

1. Wellgrow Horticultural is along Selangor Green Lane Lot No 19.

Wellgrow Horticulture stock these and a 50 Liter bag cost RM 75.00 (2014 price).

Location of Wellgrow Horticultural is along Selangor Grean Lane Lot No 19.

GPS : 3.188508,101.578517

That's their sign board, and right opposite a Toyota Service Center.

Best to contact them for LECA.

Guppy Tanks & Fibreglass Tank

Best place to get is at

1. EHK Aquatics in Taman Industry Bolton, Batu Caves.

GPS : 3.238064, 101.6951852. Lot 51 Selangor Green Lane.
GPS : 3.163858, 101.566943
3. Kian Weng Aquatic Supplies in Taman Industri Sungai Buluh, Kota Damansara.
GPS : 3.162404, 101.569078
4. Chin Chun Hardware at Jalan Sungai Buluh, Kampung Subang.
GPS : 3.158352, 101.525432


1. Three Ocean in Rawang
GPS : 3.324861, 101.5221092. Lot 51 Selangor Green Lane
GPS : 3.163858, 101.566943
3. Aquaculture Resource Centre in Paya Jaras.
GPS : 3.196061, 101.516730
4. Janda Baik Nurseries
GPS : N3.32699 E101.86375

Tilapia is a cheap fish not many place want to keep stock since they eat and require same attention as that of more expensive fish.

Below is their location

Some of the RM 0.25 Tilapia Fingerling, these cost more but after taking consideration of how far you need to travel to get a cheaper ones, this is a better option.

GPS : N3.14498 E101.53768

Tilapia Supplier in Janda Baik area.

That's the contact number if anyone interested, many other place nearby to this and all almost same in their setup.

GPS : N3.32699 E101.86375

Many fingerling in this tank, about 2 to 3 inches.

Below  is another Fish nurseries that is bigger than above but at same location. 

Location : Jalan Damai 3, Kampung Janda Baik, 28750 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

Note :

I am not in any way affiliate with these retailers and their pricing subject to changes and probably how well you can bargain.


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