The Final Harvest

This probably going to be my last harvest of Tilapia.

 I needed the backyard to extend my house so the set has to go. Some photo of Tilapia, and bigger ones already collected few days back.
I am going to make pickle fish with these, and will take few days of making it.
So I will do it at half a pail at a time.

Time Out - Beijing

I have to apologise to all that following this blog, been very busy lately and not able to answer any queries.
Just back from this beautiful place, and its interesting to see how Communism embracing Capitalism.
I'll get in touch with those that had made query, its just very difficult to do it now.

Update 1st. August 2011

Been taking the back seat this last few weeks, about 6 weeks of silence on the Aquaponics front. All is well just decide to let plants grow and halt all experimenting for the time being. I want to see the plants grow, and its slow.. with the heat and all.
 Those growbed outside are flourishing with growth more than I could handle.
Corriander and Yam over spilling the tub, its very hot these last few weeks and water in the fish tank dried up very fast.
Most of the fish that was here I had transferred to the main tank and just left a few to take care of the plants needs.
On the main tank growbed growth over spilling too, covering the fish tank access. Its okay, I am not harvesting those fishes yet till after Christmas.
That shade that I did helps a bit on these dry spell and I would expect the worst to come this next 2 months. Evaporation on the main tank is significantly less, maybe due to the overgrowth.
Mint and Asparagus fighting for space, I just let them be. The Asparagus is not big and so far its survived.
When ever you don't have time or any specific plant to grow, try Mint first.. these will ensure you have plant to take care of the biological process and then you get the more serious plant to try.
Another growbed of Yam, I like this plants since its so fast in multiplying and provide plentiful source of vegetable for the kitchen.
The system running without problem and I just feed the fish to keep them happy. The plants are doing great on their own.

Okay till next time.

A Yam of a Time

Planted vegetable Yam somewhere in late March, then transplant it to another growbed. Now its right time to harvest and make use of it.
It already outgrown the tiny blue tub and many suckling coming out for future harvest. I cut those initial planted since they are big and ready.
I do not want to dig it out, just cut it same level as growbed. There should be tuber forming but let it grow more. The tuber too can be use as vegetable, however this time I try the top part first.
Close up of the cut.
It will grow again and more vegetable for the kitchen. Its so easily grown in Aquaponics and good source of food for the family.
Above from the four plant, these enough for 20 people as vegetable eaten with rice Malay style. That Kesum picked  is to be use along with this Yam during cooking.
These Yam need to be skinned and cut 2 inches long, the skin is not good since it a bit tough and fibrous. The inner part of it is use for cooking as above and its .. what can I say.. GOOD... :)
Okay that about it, another plant shown potential in Aquaponics.

Update 1st June 2011

Not doing any experimenting this past few weeks, just letting everything grow and checking on their progress.

Once an Aquaponics system stabilized its nothing much to do really, I can't stand that. Decide to put up the shade that much needed for this coming hot spell.
Like everyone we learn from previous experience, this time I make it high and big.
Frame made from 20mm electrical conduit PVC and they are easy to work on, few cable ties and couple of hours its up.
I'll continue tomorrow on the shade, its that 50% shade that I use previously and I may need to buy few more yards to cover all the area.

Plants doing well, nothing much to do.. just watch them grow.
This vegetable Yam, filling the growbed fast. I may need to swap it to another growbed with less demanding plants.
I transplanted these Turmeric and they are very slow to recover. I just lowered the water level in this growbed to ensure more needed "dryzone" for this plant. I can only do this once I'm satisfied that those Stevia that I plant from cutting take root, since water level is about 3 inches from surface.
I also reduce the water level on this Asparagus growbed to give more dryzone, so far they survive and what's needed is shade, otherwise these plant will die.
Tilapia happily doing their business, as they get bigger I catch a few and transfer to the main tank since this tub is not that big to cater all of them.

Okay, that's all for now... everything fine but a bit slow.