Fresh Tilapia Fingerling

Manage to go to that Tilapia Nurseries way in the mountains, took about 1 hour drive and I was lucky traffic is not as bad as usual due to today is Chinese New Year and many city folks gone home.

That's the contact number if anyone interested, many other place nearby to this and all almost same in their setup. But this guy is very kind.

GPS : N3.32699 E101.86375
There are many other in this location, I need to explore that area and list down the possibilities.

Many fingerling in this tank, about 2 to 3 inches.

These are the breeders Tilapia.

They use mountain stream water for this concrete pond, making these fish fresh.

Catching for me some .

Bagging it up for me to take home.

The owner is a nice guy, he gave me more than I requested.

Once reaches home I place it in my tank so that temperature equalize.

They are in there, these are mixed Taiwanese strain of Tilapia.


  1. then you should show him the power of aquaponics....

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