Aquaponics - It's here to stay.

Manage to find a suitable spot in my front yard, yes literally a yard.. its 2'ft x 9'ft so 2 square yard the most. Clearing it and digging deeper so that I can put some pebbles as lining and prefab fibre-glass as fish tank.
My house renovation also cover part of the front, so this Aquaponics set will need to be done after that renovation is over. I am carefully planning on how to go about doing it, especially the growbed part. Since this is in front of the house it need to be presentable.

Wish me luck, so that I manage to do it around late May or early June.

What's Up With The Tilapia

Underwater shot of juvenile Tilapia

Shutting Down is Hard to Do.

As my previous post, I am slowly shutting the system down to make way for my house renovation. I had already shut down two of the grow bed and over the next month or so the final two will be stop.
There are few tillapia left and I hope they will be big enough to make use or probably I need to release them into the local pond.
 Water is low, due to only about 100 fingerling left.
 One pump for the 2 growbed operation standard siphon.
Its sad to shut it down, these growbed provide me abundant vegetable and fish.
Above are few vegetable yam, and they are a good source of vegetable. I'll post the video updates, uploading it now.