Aquaponics - Monster Fish

Recently I visit a friend's place and these monster are in his back yard. Those smaller catfish are FOOD for these two.

How good if these tanked fish be turned into aquaponics setup.

Aquaponics - Fern Transplant

Today I transplanted those fern to the growbed on top the brick wall. I took only those older fern rhizome and trim all the leaves and plant it.

It will takes sometime for it to colonize this grow bed, and give my backyard a natural curtain for privacy.
What left are young ferns in the earlier growbed, now they have enough lights to grow better.
This fern was such a bush as previous post, I am worried with those bigger fern trimmed water quality may be compromise. These fern provide good water cleaning properties. I have too see what effect it have to my tank water.


Aquaponics - Updates 27th Oct 2009

This an update of my homekit and additional growbed on the bricked wall.

This new growbed I may need to use different timer since I don't use Bell Valve on it. Switching ON and OFF the pump will cause water to flood and drain in this bed.

A short video on my Red Tilapia, a bit difficult to see, most of them hiding as usual. Water has been clear and no fowl smell.

If a picture worth a thousand words, a video must worth millions... :)


Aquaponics - Loop Siphon with Multiple Growbeds

Hi, just arrived from Istanbul, and finished checking my setup, all is well.

This is for Frank from Carolina, we had a quick conversation on skype about a week ago, and he's trying to set up 14 half barrel with loop siphon. Roughtly something like this should be the setup.

Roughly, I would recommend about 20 ~ 30 watt pump (1000 lt/hr) per siphon, so you require about 40 ~ 60 watt pump (2000lt/hr) for 2 loop siphon.

The best arrangement would be one pump per siphon, this is easiest to requlate and provide fail safe arrangement, one big (reliable) pump can do too. I've made a mistake of using a big pump, its works just that water management/division is a bit more difficult.

In Frank case, the pump is more then required, the excess water can just be dump back into tank via the third ball valve, or you could send it to a filter.

On using timer, its all depend on how fast the water will fill up those half barrel, I would recommend switching off the pump at night. During day time operation you just have to see how it goes.

The setup should not have problem with or without a timer, as long as you don't forget to incorporate a small leak/drip hole at each siphon.

Additional Note;
BTW Frank, as per your note on skype, "15 min ON and 45 min OFF" cycle with a Timer, with this setting you don't need a siphon system for flood and drain, this timing is for flood and slow drain using stand pipe in each half barrel and a small leak hole at bottom of each stand pipe to slowly drain water out.

This arrangement is more simple to do, and in one of my Aquaponics How to Start, I did briefly include this method.

Time Out - Istanbul

Not exactly Aquaponics, but.. I am stuck here for a few days, this is where the mother of all Kebab is located.
Blue Mosque - Istanbul
View outside the Hotel window. Ships anchored at Sea of Marmara.


Aquaponics - Home Kit

I've build a home kit. It's a simple design and currently I'm trial running it to ensure it will work without problem.

I did not plant anything yet, maybe over this weekend I'll plant herb on it.

Check out : Home Kit Siphon Overhaul in January 2013


Aquaponics - Cooking Fern

Something intresting ... How to cook them ferns

Below is a youtube post on same subject