Update 31st January

My setup been running without any problem, as such it nothing new to write. Caring of fish and plants are routine. Good part of backyard Aquaponics is that I can do it at any time of the day.

Rainy season has pass now the heat is coming back. Evaporation water loss is noticeable, I need to check weekly and normally when water level reaches the pump body I will top up.
Above is the "Sambung Nyawa" plant in English its mean Sambung = Continuity/Joint and Nyawa = Life. You by now should have guess what's it for. This plant is traditionally use to reduce high blood pressure. Its not bitter but just tasteless, I take it raw recommended I leave per day.
Basil I let it grow wild, and let it be. Seeds from it drops everywhere and basil seedlings appear like weeds. Those Basil have outgrow the Vietnamese Coriender or the Water Celery.
I am thinking of making a smaller setup for schools and anyone that intrested with Aquaponics as an initial kit. So far time constrain due to my office workload prevent this from happening.

My neighbour at the rear is renovating their house that will take all of the backyard, this may leads to reduce sunshine for my Aquaponics. With this effect I may need to change the plants grown and have another set in front of my house to have full sunshine setup.

Okra Seeds

Okra seeds are costly as a home gardener, seeds from one okra is about RM 2.99 that about USD 0.70.
Okra I planted few of the fruits I let it ripen and use as seed for next batch of Okra. I've put aside 6 okra and this is the result.
Those seeds are from one Okra, and the remaining 5 can be use some other time. Its more then I able to use within this one year period.
Its feel good to be able to produce seed for own usage, its a way towards self sustainable food production. On a smaller scale that is.

Time Out - High Speed Broad Band

Today a mysterious green box appear behind my backyard... its too small and not blue in color otherwise it could be Dr. Who dropping in for a visit.

Part II of HSBB is : Here
From the logo "TM" its probably a fibre optic node for the High Speed Broad Band, and I suspect from here it will be UTP Cable to the house.
TM are rolling out High Speed Broad Band this year, and my area are one of those selected for the pilot launch.

10 mbps here I come.... :)

Additional note : Checked with the installer, its fibre optics all the way into the house :) and it will carry Phone, Internet and ipTv with VOD functionality.

Picking Vegetable for Dinner

That's Water Celery and Basil on the left hand. Amir insisted he's in the picture.
More than enough for the family, these are best taken raw, or the water celery made into "kerabu" this is fresh salad with grated coconut, onions, tumeric, lemon juice etc.
I picked these on the average twice or three times weekly. On occasion where I need to trim those plant fast, I have to give them away to whoever wanted it.

Home Kit Explained

This is a brief video on my Aquaponics Homekit an overview of the setup. I try to explain on the pump capacity and siphon.

In my opinion it is very important to have a reliable siphon, because then we could concentrate on growing vegetable and rearing fish rather then worrying about siphon failing.

Hope its beneficial to everyone that's interested on Aquaponics.


Bell Valve Outlet Alteration 2

The alteration with tank adapter only produce straight down flush, I add this surplus screw on elbow to create horizontal flush.

BTW, the water dripping (small flow) is from the weep hole in the stand pipe, this is an indication of flush working and pump is OK.
A quick look will tell. No drip means weep hole block or pump stop. More water then this shows that flush do not stop or flush do not start.
Horizontal flush outlet will be much better to circulate tank water. This flow pattern will cause food debris or fish waste to concentrate at one area due to water swirl. Thus easier to scoop out.
Horizontal outlet is angled so that it will create water swirl, mix and oxygenate the tank better.
Flushing almost stop.


Bell Valve Outlet Alteration 1

I am using a 12 watt pump on this home kit, due to very small wattage the margin for it to flush or not is minimal. Algae build up or even weakening of pump itself will impede flushing.

In this short video, I have replaced the "L" outlet with a tank adapter providing restriction to the flow. I did not have a 25mm to 20mm adapter this is the reason why I use this adaptor. Using 25mm to 15mm adapter the water will not stop. This will lead to low water condition.

This video done 3rd Jan 2010, those are fresh new Tilapia fingerlings.

BBQ Tilapias

What is a better way to start a new year then having a Barbeque.. and 4 months old Tilapias are just nice for the picking.
Above, Tilapias ready for the BBQ, all salted and seasoned.
All cooked up, I use Aluminium foil to wrap these Tilapia due to very soft flesh it may not survive on the BBQ by itself.

Taste great - Happy New Year

Bell Valve Maintenance

Simple maintenance on the Bell Valve.