To Kuchai or Not To Kuchai - Part 2

Its a BLUNDER :(

It did't grow, will try and look for other means growing this plant. The seeds that I sown also didn't shows any sign of life.

First part is : Here

Kuchai The Final Saga : Here


  1. I bought seeds of Greenworld brand and the chives, chinese celery, coriander never sprouted despite many different methods used...I suspect the seeds have expired...Did you use the same brand?

    Maybe you should just plant the whole thing right into the system, maybe that just might work...

    1. I bought from Tanam Sendiri dot com no brand, I have a packet of Serbajadi I will try this tomorrow and see.

  2. Some info say, temperature above 22 degree celsius will stunt the seed from germination. Maybe move it over some shade will do the trick.

    1. Plants like Kuchai are known to be difficult to germinate from seed, tomorrow I'll try to soak it first or try using that special gel for plants.

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