Tomatoes Going Ornamental

Done the mint test for my Ornamental set that uses the 20 mm StrainerBell siphon, on this 15 mm siphon Ornamental set I am planting tomatoes to see how this siphon stand against those deep rooting plants.
This lone strawberry plants removed and pot it separately to make way for fresh tomatoes seedling.
Sown these few weeks back and they are ready to be transplanted to the ornamental set.
Planted it directly to hydroton and bury it as deep as I can.
I put two plants in one planting space, I guest that overdo it since I do four planting space on this small set.
Oh well.., just doing it to the extreme.
Bad photos since it already dusk, will need to snap fresh photo again tomorrow and replace.

Aquaponics - Up Close And Personal is a Hardware

A spare Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD was laying around not use much and gathering dust. Why don't I make something useful out of it, all the PC, Tabs, Phones even the Ipad in the house has its own camera so this webcam is extremely redundant.

Simple close up video shots is what I have in mind, so decide to make a quick retrofit to the Lifecam and make it able to focus further and at the same time giving better magnification shot.
Modifying the camera with an Eye Loupe, so got myself one of those cheap Loupe (ok the box says "LOOP") to use the lens as a magnifier for my Lifecam Cinema.
Doing a quickie check whether it work.
Just a quick twist the loupe is easy enough to dismantle and all I need is this lens.
The lens is loosely placed on the camera, wish I had bought a bigger loupe so that the lens will fit snuggly, but this will do. This lens is at 5x magnification, I will try other multiplication next time.
Use a simple tar putty that they use in Car accessories shop for fixing anything that rattle, this putty is sticky and removes cleanly. Next time I use other lens this can simply be removes and replace.
The camera came with its own flexible bracket, I use a GoPro base that has tripot 1/4 inch screw thread to use with a mini tripod. Need to secure it better, this is just a trial.
Not bad for a dollar modification, the intent is that I can make a close up video using various lens magnification value and at the same time keeping the camera as a distance where I can work with the subject like this watch for instance.
Yep, it works... need to buy few more Loupe to get other magnifying factor to test. Other webcam should work, just that I have this Lifecam Cinema handy that's all.

Solar Parts - Charge Controller And 12V DC Water Pump Unboxing

Two item has arrived earlier today, its the 5A Solar Charge Controller and a 12VDC 5W Water Pump. These two is part of the components needed to get my aquaponics into solar powered.

Below are unboxing video of the two.

Thanks for watching.