Overhauling My Aquaponics Set

Two of the growbed at the back were still having pebbles as the media. This makes it very heavy and I was so busy in getting it replace. Manage to replace the pebbles on the two with Hydroton and now its settling down to get thing growing again.

Pebbles growbed is heavy and making the container buckle under pressure and shear weight of it.

Plants in pots, this make it very easy to get things done.

The plants were temporarily place in the shade waiting for replant in the "fresh" growbed.

Emptied growbed, with the 25 mm siphon with the modified base. Internally this siphon still have the bell enclosure but without the crown cutting.

Close up of same, it work flawlessly without problem, to the extend we may forget that this siphon exist.

The second growbed, with same fixture.

Plants replanted, just shift it from another growbed. The pots make it easy and a quick way to get instant plants.

The other growbed with Garlic Chives, it was just temporarily removed to accommodate the overhaul.

There you go... :)

Pegaga Gajah

On one of my ornamental set I planted this Pegaga Gajah, since the set was near a shaded area.

There are other variety of this plant, but the Pegaga Gajah is the best for Aquaponics set up.

Very soon they will colonize the entire growbed, and it will be a good test for the siphon to cope with massive root growth.

The metal  bracket is for a temporary shelter to ensure they survive this next few days after transplanting.

Ornamental Set Redo.

Its has been long overdue that I should set up these as it should. I was doing a lot of testing for the last 1 year on the various siphon sizes and pump capacity to get a trouble free set.

The three set was made last year and its been a troubling period that has most of my Aquaponics work on hold. These set above I finally able to set it up as it should and what's left are just the wiring to be tidy up.

Siphon used are the 20 mm and the 15 mm strainer bell, the one in the far end uses the 20 mm siphon with a 1000 liter/hour pump.

Water inlet is quite large for such a small set, and the cycle period is very rapid.

Center and the one on the right uses 15mm siphon with 500 liter/hour pump. Both these 20 and 15 mm siphon has been tested for one season and it did survive being in a small growbed with massive root all around.

At 500 liter/hour, the inlet flow is very small. The 500 liter/hour pump is very finicky and requires constant maintenance. I am still not satisfied with its performance.

There you go, next to plant... :)

"Bird Eye" Chili

The chili plant that I bought from saturday market in pahang fruiting. It somehow slower growth, or maybe this is normal for this type of chili.

This particular chili plant bear very hot little chilies.

Hot stuff.