4th Growbed Done - That's The Limit For My Setup

Haul another 200 liter (4 bag) of hydroton to complete my last growbed in this current setting. Fish tank is at its maximum growbed ratio, I'll need to convert to CHOPS if additional growbed needed or if this current tank can't cope with the demand.

Note : Power consumption calculation is at bottom of page, based on average Malaysian Electricity Tariff.

This growbed I am testing that "Strainer Bell" type of siphon, which can be imediately converted to my normal bell siphon with addition of a bell and removal of the white end cap.

I made 4 rows of holes just like normal strainer that I use, with slight different in the pitch of the rows making it tighter.

Completed siphon above, this siphon will cut off water once the first top row is reached. I put an outer mesh due to hydorton but forgotten to snap the actual picture. Below picture of previous installation which is very similar.

Water I'm using a single pump at the moment which feed all four growbed using simple divider pipe, no rocket science there just adjust the incline to restrict and roughly divide water by four. Photo below is the actual pump, this was during previous installation where its just a two growbed division.

Pump Rating below, this pump is almost 5 years old today.

Simple "Tee" that branch to left and right feeding four growbed.

Below is the right side.

I will put another pump and made same feed on the opposite side of the growbed, a single pump is sufficient, but I am putting two so that if a failure of one pump the entire setup will still function without problem.

Overview photo above and below, space required for this setup is 3.5 ft x 10 ft so approximately 35 sq ft.

Siphon operation tested with this single pump configuration, it works without problem. Now I can concentrate on planting.

What it cost to operate electrically

Cost for operating this setup with one pump is as below :

Water Pump : 29 watt @ 14 hours/day - 1 pump
Aeration Pump : 3 watt @ 24 hours/day - 1 pump

Total Power Consumption 1 day : (29 x 14) + (3 x 24) = 478 watt hour/day

Total Power Consumption 1 month : 478 x 30 = 14340.00 watt hour (14.34 kwh)

Electricity cost : 14.34 kwh x 0.25 = RM 3.58 ( USD 1.20 approx) per month.

My setup electricity consumption with two pump as follows :

Water Pump : 29 watt @ 14 hours/day - 2 pump
Aeration Pump : 3 watt @ 24 hours/day 1 - Pump

Total Power Consumption 1 day : (29 x 2 x 14) + (3 x 24) =  884 watt hour/day

Total Power Consumption 1 month : 884 x 30 = 26520.00 watt hour (26.52 kwh)

Electricity cost : 26.52 kwh x 0.25 = RM 6.63 ( USD 2.20 approx) per month.

Malaysian Electricity Tariff : Here


  1. Brother, I have problems buying pumps through online channels as it takes a long time to arrive. I have a friend visiting KL returning back shortly. can you please let me know where he should go for the Pumps that you use and their relative costs.
    Appreciate your help.

  2. Please check out here : http://www.ehkaquatics.com/
    They can assist, on it's best to call or email them.

  3. salam tuan..sye nk start aquaponics di rumah...mcm mne sye nk buat mule2

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