Affnan's Aquaponics - Picking Tomatoes

Picking few tomatoes that has ripen, only a few. For an average household is sufficient.

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12th December 2016 Update

Short video update of my setup today, 12th Dec 2016.

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pH check 12 Dec 2016

Check pH today and is read 7.0, after more than 3 weeks not testing.

I was worried due to rainy season  water may turn acidic. Looks like the limestones doing it job pretty well.

UiTM Perlis drop by for a visit.

Visited by lecturers and students from UiTM Perlis.

Very enthusiastic group, and it's always a pleasure to give some knowledge to those who are keen in setting up their own aquaponics system.

Hopefully with this exposure, they are able to expand their current method of aquaponics setup to include potted gutterbed flood & drain style.