20 mm StrainerBell Installation Instruction

This post is showing how the 20 mm Strainer Bell Siphon is install to a typical growbed, it is a straight forward installation and video instruction is at the bottom of the page.
Step 1
Make a hole in the center of the container, a 26 mm hole required for a 20 mm StrainerBell. The second smaller hole is optional for water feed.

Step 2.
Get hold of the stand pipe and ensure that it has two black rubber seal and a gland nut. Remove the gland nut and one of the seal.

Step 3.
Install standpipe to strainer guard and follow with the removed seal. The seals must be on both side of the strainer guard.

Step 4.
Install the standpipe assembly to the growbed.

Step 5.
Secure tightly the standpipe using the provided gland nut, there is no need for a seal on the underside of the growbed.

Step 6.
Install standpipe extender to adjust water level as needed.

Step 6a.
Additional extender provided to adjust for thicker growbed. You can cut extender to suit your growbed height.

Step 7.
Install media guard to strainer.

Step 8.
Put the end cap on the siphon top, this can be done last and do not jammed this end cap otherwise it will be difficult to remove. Hand tight will do just fine.

Step 9.
Install siphon outlet to the underside of the siphon.

Step 10.
Hand tight will do, and the parts can be swap to get the best out of your installation. The illustration below is a baseline installation that work for most setup.

Step 11.
Complete, this siphon is made for growbed from six to twelve inches in height and it can handle a 4' x 6' growbed size without problem, no alteration needed to be made on the outer media guard for different growbed height. The extender need to be adjusted by using different size or by cutting it to length.
Video of the installation follows.

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