Hydroton Growbed - Part II

Top up additional bag of Hydroton today, so that makes it 4 bag for this growbed. RM 280.00 in total, its quite a sum to pay for a 3 x 2 grow area.

Looks good, let see in few more months how its doing on my setup. Now I'm letting it mature for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Will do simple plants first before it fully matured.


  1. Dear sir, can you provide the addresses of the places to buy the grow beds, tanks and fish. thank you.

    1. Hydroton at wellgrow Horti
      Google map : http://goo.gl/maps/ZNch3

      Fish Tank and Fish
      Lot 62 Selangor Green lane
      GPS : 3.157065,101.562295

  2. Dear Sir, I am starting my own aquaponic set up. Do you have a whatsapp number i can sent messages to if i have any queries for you? Maybe u can start a whatsapp group where members can ask questions and you can provide immediate response.

    1. Please join FB group Aquaponics Malaya, Aquaponics Malaysia or Jom Tanam Sendiri Akuaponik


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