Renovation Completed

Thank God finally my house renovation completed, well 99% complete just one last item to be install the vent fan for downstairs shower.
Kitchen is wife choice, make her happy then everything else is good and fine and better and .. all the ands you know what I mean.

One of the two rooms renovated. This one is Amir's, he wanted Ben 10 color. Can't get a Ben 10 shade, we settle for a Donald and Goofy instead.

House still in a mess, its cleaning up time. Now I can plan my next Aquaponics set.


  1. Congrats on the completion. The kitchen seems very nice. Looking forward for your next aquaponics set up and new postings!

    1. Few design going thru my head now, I'll make one in front of the house and another set at the back. Both these places are small, so its a bit difficult to make something that can give viable produce.

      I will be doing more compact setup from now on. Cannot say how it will look like yet, but its sure will be interesting for me.

  2. I have not seen much posting regarding the loop/u syphon in this blog but would like to seek your opinion on some issues I encountered

    I had experimented with AP system that I had in mind. It will be 2 separate grow bed connected to each other and there will be one external loop syphon in between these 2 beds. Today I experimented with PVC instead of rubber pipe which I used 20mm tank connector , connect these to 20mm "T" and 2 "L" to make a "n" shape and one 15mm reducer at the end of the loop. Sadly,the syphon won't start. Not sure if I explain well enough but any idea how to make it work. Happy to email you the pic if you wanna have a look at it.

    1. Is the siphon top part too high(try lowering it), overflow will occur via other opening in this case and may cause problem. If level is okay try increase inflow water, however this may cause equilibrium flow instead. So a bit caution on this.

      What is your pump rating, a loop siphon is difficult to control using a final 15mm pipes is a bit small to effectively cut out a siphon. You pump rating is very important in order for it to work.

    2. Salam Affnan and thanks for the reply.
      The siphon is reasonably levelled i.e at my intended maximum height of water in the grow bed. I have not decided on the pump yet thus I dont know what is the rating but the plan is to have slow flowing water inflow to the grow bed. Something new that I learn today is that water inflow to the grow bed influence the siphon

      Earlier today I had experimented with rubber pipe ("orange" 13mm pipe -I think)as a part of the siphon. The 20mm "T" was connected to 20mm elbow then to a reducer. This reducer serves dual purposes 1)to connect the pvc piping to orange pipe ii)to reduce water flow from 20mm into something lesser than 15mm - not sure about the actual size of it but I think its less than 13mm because it was connected inside the orange pipe. I then stretch the pipe to about 10-15cm before bending it downwards .Luckily it works repeatedly and work just nice with my plan of "slow" water inflow to the bed. There is one pic here at

      Now my only concern is that will this siphon work like it is now even after pebbles is added to the grow bed. Any thoughts?

    3. Aky, loop using flexible (yellow) tube is more difficult to get right due to uneven internal radius of the tube itself within the bend. It will require constant adjustment during its operating period due to water inflow changes with time as the pump get clogged and weaken.

      On siphon we are not that worried if its doesn't start, what more important is if its doesn't stop. This is the tricky bit, since not starting can be easily remedied with increase inflow, but to effectively stop it will require a good design taking into consideration of water flow. One easy trick to make a loop siphon stop is to ensure the lowest point of the downward outlet is higher then the upward start on the loop, this will cause unbalance. That why in my last posting the dimension of the tube get significantly bigger on the downward loop, causing an unbalance of the up and down loop. Rule of thumb always make the downward loop shorter than the upward loop.

      You have not decide on the pump, this is crucial. It will determine the final tweak that's needed to the entire setup. Having a piped in from mains is easy due to a constant inflow, where as in real life situation this would be a variable that continuously changing with conditions as system matures.

      Hope this help.

  3. Assalamualaikum En. Affnan..

    Saya wadi berada di bangi, dimana saya boleh dapatkan tangki seperti home kit en.affnan, saya bercadang untuk mulakan sistem aquaponic ini di rumah saya..

    terima kasih.


    1. W'salam Wadi.

      Ini cut and paste dari soaalan yg sama.

      Those blue tank I got from Batu Cave area, they do whole sale and retail. Half the price at normal aquarium shop. their price is best in the country. Can't remember the exact price, visit their site and call them, they are very helpful too.

      Google Map : 3.238123,101.695292

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on your newly renovated HOME. sure it was worth your wait! your blog is very informative and i'm trying to build my first AP set up. i'm eagerly waiting for your updates. be well!

    1. Thank you, a lot in the pipeline. Will be doing some new set very soon.

  5. Affnan, u didn't make the roof of your newly renovated backyard extension a concrete flat roof?
    If you did not, you are missing out the valuable space for your Aquaponics... ;-)

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