Vermicomposting | Lets Grease The Bin

It is very important to grease the bin to form barrier for ants not to bridge and invade the worm area.

Vermicomposting | The Earthworms Have Arrived !!!

Received the African Night Crawler (ANC) late last night. Purchased online from Malacca via Lazada. Cost me arount RM40 for 100 gram of ANC. The packaging is good and the worms looks healthy.


Vermicomposting | Reviving My Bin

Reviving my vermicompost bin, putting in two ventilation holes. Waiting for the worm to arrive.

Adding A Sucker Mouth Catfish

Adding a Sucker Mouth Catfish or Ikan Bandaraya to clean up the tank.

Brief About Stand Pipe and Pump

Bell enclosure height above stand pipe don’t matter much as long as there is sufficient gap for water flow.

Saddle Valve and Pump Replaced

Replacing the pump with higher capacity water flow and at the same time making a saddle valve to divert excess water and create aeration at the same time.

Herbs Aquaponics | Planting Herbs

Planting chives, mint, rosemary, celery, Thai Basil, turmeric and selom.

Herb Containers Aquaponics

Planting herbs is aviable option if you do not have space for bigger or many plants.