My New Setup - Almost There

Almost exactly a year ago I dismantle everything in my backyard to make way for house renovation, today 1st Feb 2013 for the record I'm starting a new set. This time is a compact system I envision "1 Household 1 Aquaponics Set" in Malaysia.

Documenting all this work and video it on youtube for my own future reference or if its helpful to others all the better.

The set as previous post already re position to the back of my house, only need to fine tune it and change the growbed to same size bigger and put gravel in it.

 Water division using "Tee" without any restrictor or ball valve and testing out the siphon to ensure trouble free operation.

Its gonna be a challenging task since the set is in shaded area, will need to find plants that can do well in the shade.

Looks promising all is well, will run it for few days then I'll introduce starter fish.

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