Basic Aquaponics - Sweet Basil Propagation

Sweet Basil or English Basil quite difficult to grow in the Equatorial heat, I'll try to propagate this from cuttings.

I had done many Thai Basil or Holy Basil without problem. Let see if this will survive the heat.

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Basic Aquaponics - Dayak Onion Propagation

Dayak Onion is another medicinal plants. This is how the plant is propagated in my aquaponics setup.

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Basic Aquaponics - Kuchai Repotting

Kuchai or Chinese Chives are use in stir fry dishes. They can be propogated by using bulbs from mature plants.

Seeds are difficult to germinate, this plants will keep on producing edible leaves through out it life.

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Basic Aquaponics - Sambung Nyawa Propagation

Sambung Nyawa or Gynura procumbens is a medicinal plants it is use for blood sugar control, blood pressure reduction and to reduce cholestrol level.

This is how it is propagated in my aquaponics system.

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Basic Aquaponics - The Pineapple Experiment

Testing Pineapple in my #gutterbed set. Pineapple requires ph of about 6.5 in aquaponics it is usually higher than this value.

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We'll see whether it is will grow or not.

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Basic Aquaponics - Kailan Transplant

Kailan seedling need to be transplanted since it is already about three inches tall.

Using flooded growbed method prevent damage to the fragile seedling.

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Time for A Booster

Sign of nutrient deficiency in few plants, it's time to fix that before it start to affect more plants.

Chili plant above the young leaves has a bit of lighter shades of green. This is enough for me to take some preventive measures.

Pucuk Manis plant above to has similar symtom. Will need to add epson salt as chlorofyll booster and Chelated Iron as Fe Booster.

Epsom salt available from pharmacy and Chelated Iron from argriculture shops or some ACE outlets.

In #gutterbed I use one of the pots filled with hydroton at water level and few scoops of Epsom Salt and Chelated Fe is added.

This will slowly dissolve in water and be absorbed by the plants.

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Shades From Rain and Sun

I am located in Shah Alam, Malaysia the climate that we have here is Equatorial, the jungle is Equatorial rain forest.

Within 5 degrees either side of the Equator experience this climate and I am 3 degrees North latitude.

Equatorial weather is either heavy rain or strong sun, all the water and moisture once got heated by the sun gives high humidity, soon it will form clouds that has tonnes of water which will downpour in a matter of minutes.

I am putting up shades to protect the #gutterbed plants.
Without shades, certain period of the year when the sun is overhead even for a short duration will be damaging to new plants.

During heavy downpour without shades, newly germinated or planted seedling can get damaged by rain drops.

This quick shades will need some redo to make it able to weather the storm.

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Pandanus Planting - In Aquaponics Potted Gutterbed

Pandanus leaves is use in many rice dishes in Southeast Asia, they are cultivated in kitchen garden and this video it's from my #gutterbed set.

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Seedling & Strawberry Plants Update 23rd Sept 2016

The seedling are already 20 days and strawberry plants from Cameron Highland brought down last Saturday 17th Sept.

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Saddle Valve - What it is and how it's made

I use this method of water diversion if needed. Usage confine to within the fish tank.

Depends on volume of water to be diverted, 1 or more holes can be made.
Twisting saddle will adjust water diverted.

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Trimming Roots from pots in the #gutterbed

Root growth if not checked will clog #gutterbed. This is how I trim roots when needed.

You can see in the video, plant roots holding on to the conduit. This make the plant more stable even in small pots.

Video above shows how I scrape roots with knive. I do this for all plants from time to time.

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Seedling After 12 Days

Seedling after 12 days, will be transplanting them after few more days.

Testing video capture and edit with android apps and blogging with blogaway pro to youtube direct posting on Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Seedling Transplant

This is how I do it, to make sure that seedling were not damage during the transplant.

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Laman Impiana Edisi 64

Made it to Laman Impiana magazine Sept/Okt 2016 Issue.

Main stream deco magazine that is full of beautiful photos and illustration.

Featuring my backyard #gutterbed set.

Instruction on how to DIY the Ornamental set.
Hope with this exposure, there will be more people taking up aquaponics