Potted Media Water Level

Slotted pots that I use for growing made it very convenience to adjust water level. Since some plants require different water level, with individual pots it can be adjusted to suite the plants that in it.
These pots has good drainage and I can easily adjust its level within the growbed to suit what ever I plant. This pots are about 6" across, therefore larger plants will not be suitable.
Shallow roots plants like Strawberry, Chives and leafy vegetable is best to use these pots. At certain stage of their growth water level may need to be adjusted to ensure they grow. Especially after transplanting where water level are normally set to high. With many plants in a growbed, adjusting the growbed water level will affect all plants in it.
Having individually potted plants in the growbed, it then can be position higher or lower within the growbed to get water level as required.
Strawberry as above was just transplanted, so the water level are adjusted to be high with pots burried deeper in the growbed.
Plants like Chives, above don't require high water so I adjust the pots to be higher up making the water level relatively low.
Above is a simple illustration on what I do to achieve different water level for individual plants within same growbed. This I find easier to do since pots containing the plants can be lifted without stressing the plants much.

Affnan Aquaponics.

Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Journal 18th Sept 2014

To get healthy Strawberry plants they requires strong roots, to get this the plant need to direct most of  its energy toward root growth. During first year of planting don't let the plant fruit.
All these flowers need to go, and it's best to clip them off at earlier stage that this.
Runners like these above also has to go.
So flower buds has to be clipped.
All clipped so that the plants can concentrate getting good roots.
Runners clip to prevent new plants, I reserve two original plants to produce runners for propagating. Those plants are the base stock for my Strawberry plants.
I will let the plants grow for this next few months towards January or March then I'll trim all leaves to get new growth.

Affnan Aquaponics

Potting Garlic Chives - Kuchai Redo

Since I am doing most of my planting in pots, these Kuchai plants is no exception. I had to put them in pots so that it can be easily contained and transplanted elsewhere if needed. I use those slotted pot which is great in water drainage and just nice for LECA.
Garlic Chives thrives in Aquaponics and its more than enough for a small family consumption on a 3ft x 2ft growbed. In fact 1 square feet is all that is needed for an average household. So decided to transplant these to individual pots later I can decide what to do with it.
As above photo they grow really well in LECA, and made it easy to redo this plant, all I had to do is gently pull out the clumps and they will all come out.
Root ball and all, can be easily lifted out of the growbed.
They have shallow root, so it is not that invasive to the siphon like mint of some other plants making this Garlic Chive ideal on a media based siphon flood and drain aquaponics growbed.
Put all in the slotted pot with some LECA at its base.
Some of the pots I put two clumps like photo above otherwise I would run out of pots.
Filled up with LECA and just wiggle a bit to give it a snug fit.. and all done.
That's three pot awaiting to be placed in the growbed.
Smaller clumps I put two to a pot like these above.
These Chives multiply by rhizomes within few months it will spread outward from center making the clumps bigger. Few of these I planted from seeds and some from nursery bought plants.
All plants out, and it only takes about 30 minutes to do, since I am using pots the water level in the growbed were adjusted to a lower level.
Chives don't need thick growbed, six inches is more than enough.
Altogether 17 pots, the photo is a bit grainy due it's getting dark.
I planted eight pot in the existing growbed and left with these nine pots to be place in the back lane CRAFTS set.
Nine left are placed in my back lane set

Affnan Aquaponics

Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Journal 11th Sept 2014

One of the growbed that was full of mint redo and clean all the roots out, this growbed going to be the next area where Strawberry going to be in.
All the mint were cut last week, today the roots are removed. If not removed they will decay and cause the system to swing towards acidic, it could be a good thing for Strawberry but I feel it's best to start from a known baseline.
The single parent plant from this ornamental set is removed and potted, I takes my chances by cutting the runners from the parent and letting them grow on their own. I will know tomorrow how many survive being independent. Six in all, these are all new plants.
Potted the parent plant in 6 inch net pot and it will be replanted into a bigger growbed.
I scoop some LECA along with the roots so that it will experience less of a shock, topping up with LECA from matured growbed.
Growbed is flooded by using a taller extender, this makes it easier for getting out the roots and level the LECA.
This parent plant placed in a central position of this growbed so that it can start to colonized this entire growbed with runners. I'm giving it ample space to reproduce.
The plant is raised from LECA level to give it good drainage, I'll monitor it closely this next couple of days to ensure it survive the replanting. I try not to give any shade and let it expose to full sun and see what happen.
So far this trial of planting Strawberry looks promising, until it can produce fruit only then we'll know whether it is successful or not.

Slotted Pots - For Potted Flood & Drain Aquaponics

Starting to do more of this potted flood & drain style of aquaponics since it is very convenience and use less LECA. There are pros and cons for doing it this style, however for smaller plants it is ideal and could be one of the best way to do it.
Slotted pots, not sure whether it is a net pot or not but its look good for what I going to use it for. At Rm 2.50 each,  they have slots that is better at draining away water and root growth.
Six inches across with no other sizes available from nurseries at Selangor Green Lane, for what I am doing it is sufficient.
Compare to the normal plastic pots, these has more holes and it is just nice for LECA since the slots are narrow but many it will give good drainage.
Just nice for LECA
These are not recommended for large plants, most leafy greens is okay.
Doing one Strawberry since yesterdays almost all I had redo to pots. I'll use this for future potted flood & drain style aquaponics.
Now just wait for these to grow.

Fresh Water Red Claw

Visited nearby aquarium shop to get some fish for my Ornamental Set Prototype No. 2, so happen that this place stock many of these Red Claw Crayfish of various sizes. Price range from Rm 4.00 to RM 10.00 each. The smaller one at RM 4.00 is a good buy, but I refrain from getting any because I am not prepared for these yet.

Below are just some photos of those Red Claw for show.