Transplanting Lowland Strawberry to Gutterbed

After the runners has established in the smaller pots it’s time to put them inti the gutter.

Video Siri Mari Bela Cacing

Siri video video Mari Bela Cacing ini dibuat khas dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Making the worm box.

Bedding materials for the box, I use shredded paper, cardboard, leaves and potting mix for the bedding.

Putting in half of the Night Crawler from older set to the new worm bin.

Feeding the worms.

Trying my hands at composting

There are a lot of vegetable greens that I am not able to use, kitchen scrap, plant roots and fish solids. So it about time I try to make use all these into something worthwhile.

So here goes, I am trying out composting using the African Night Crawler (ANC)

Thanks for watching.