Potted Media Base Gutter Growbed Siphon Flood & Drain.

A year back I did emptied my growbed and uses pots to grow Gandarusa plants, this method of planting utilized much less LECA and make it less costly to make a bigger set if needed.
It did grow well for the Gandarusa plant, it's long overdue that I wanted to try this method on other plants.  This simpler setup may be more viable to do on a larger scale with minimum changes to existing media base siphon flood & drain technique.
I had done gutter growbed in 2010 and it's at that time was difficult to control its flood and drain reliably. I was using loop siphon due to the confine space of the gutter and it was not successful in planting anything significant.
I am giving it another go, this time I will use my 15 mm StrainerBell siphon on left as photo above. It is the smallest siphon that I had done and after tested it for almost a year, I feel it's capable of controlling the flood & drain within the confines space of a rain gutter.
As a trial setup, I decided to do a simple gutter growbed setup, that could accommodate up to 9 or 10 pots place over a fish tank. This arrangement suit the small space that I have.
The gutter was kept for a long time, I got it in Nov 2014 to do this setup. Unfortunately due to the problem I am facing during that period has kept it on hold until today. Above photo I was testing the gutter for leak, I will use only two.
Made a rack for the two gutter over the fish tank from leftover dickson bars and had to join them making a longer piece.
Water feed as usual "T" with 1000 Liter per hour pump feeding the two gutter. Water head is about 18 inches.
15 mm siphon, making it as short as possible, water level is less than four inches.
This siphon has been tested on my ornamental set and had survive a full growbed rootball without failure. So I feel it's time to use it for this set, anyway this is the smallest I can make.
First flush test and as you can see from above water is not level, this is because the front part of my house is slanting. I will need to adjust the rack to take up the gradient.
The rack has been adjusted, see the different between the far and the near end tank to rack gap. It is about two inches different in height to add up on the far side of the rack.
Siphon in between the pots, I will use LECA in the pots surrounding with flood & drain water. This style reduce LECA usage and we may use pebbles too at smaller quantities making it lighter.
Water feed is at one end of the gutter with siphon at another, trying to create a nutrient flow within the growbed and water movement in the fish tank between siphon outlet and pump intake.
It does flush well, will put an aerator outlet to reduce noise and at the same time giving much needed oxygen to water.

Okay, this setup needs to be cycle with fish and simple plants. LECA will go in those pots next and will get some cheap fish to ensure no mosquito breed in the tank.

Sambung Nyawa Restocking

Sambung Nyawa plants has good medicinal properties hence I will always has it planted in my aquaponics set. One of the growbed I had to cleared up and replant tomatoes, in that I had to remove the existing plants and this include the Sambung Nyawa plants.
Took it out of the growbed, since I had it in pot it's easier to do.
Cut its branches and gave the Tilapia a treat.
In 24 hours those branches will be strip clean.
Those few remaining branches, cut the shoots for planting.
It's an easy plant to grow, stick it in hydroton is that is needed and plant it in a temporary area.
Two pots is all that is requires.
Temporarily placed amongst the newly planted tomatoes.
It will be transferred to larger pot once the plant has shown sign of growth.

One More Bite The Dust

Another Alpha 1000 failed on the newly planted Tomato growbed. It has a hard life anyway running continuously for more than a year for my barrel set.
 Removed the pump and found the rotor shaft broke.
 The shaft has been ground to a needle point and detached from the supporting rubber mount.
 The permanent magnet rotor has deformed probably due to scrubbing the pump inner wall.
 That's a sharp point
 The rubber mount with broken shaft inside,
Replaced with a spare rotor, no time to change the entire unit. I need to keep an eye on this over the next 2 weeks, may need to replace to a new pump before the festive break next month.

Tomatoes Overdue

Sown few tomatoes from over ripen homegrown and it was overdue for transplanting. Decide to do that on my smaller set. So out goes the buffer plants and few tomatoes seedling to take over.
Due to the overdue period, the seedling are tall and thin. I had to plant it deep so that they can developed more root from the buried stem.
When you transplant tomatoes, the rule is "the deeper the better" because more roots can developed from stem in the soil resulting stronger plants.
In forty five days or less they should fruit.

Pandanus Maximus .. :)

Stick a few of these pandan cuttings few weeks ago just to get some plants in one of my smaller set for cycling. It is now time to replace the pandan (Buffer plants) with something more challenging.
They are very easy and a fast grower, less than four weeks and their roots system already going out of the pot.
Healthy root growth and will out grown its surrounding growbed in no time. If you intent to grow pandan in Aquaponics, do it in a square foot container and place it in the growbed.
The container must have drainage hole to get water and nutrient circulated then all will be fine.

Silencing the Ornamental Set

With much of the experimenting over on the Ornamental set, it time for reducing its outlet sound. At times the siphon outlet can be loud and it's no different on this smaller set. The easiest way to reduce the sound is to put a muffler end on the outlet.
Muffler end is made by drilling few holes on the outlet final downward tube , this works as to let air water mix and thus reducing the sound.
This muffler also act as an aerator giving much needed oxygen to the water. If needed to reduce noise and giving oxygen to water, this is the simplest way to do it.

Aquapet Aquarium Shop

I was looking for a new pump few days ago and happen to visit this place Aquapet at 72B Selangor Green lane with gps : 3.154194, 101.556361
This place has many types of pump and ideal for finding the correct type needed for my Aquaponics set experiments.
Photo as follows, basically they are a large store doing Aquarium fishes and product.

Fresh Fish For Ornamental Set

After a redo of the Ornamental set, it's time for some fish. Bought few Pacu and Barb for the two set and the third already has few tilapias.

Pacu above are at about 2 inches, they can grow big. Later I'll move them if needed.


Leaving the fish to adjust to water temperature.

The water due to smaller space are warmer as compared to my larger sets.