Basic Aquaponics - Spraying Plants with Pesticide

I use organic pesticide most of the time, only under extreme situation I am forced to use chemical pesticide.

Basic Aquaponics - ph Check After 2 Weeks

Ph check after almost 2 weeks initial value of 6.0 and today's at 7.0.

Not bad for a low cost alternative.

Basic Aquaponics - Water Feed With Saddle Valve

Saddle valve in operation as use in my #gutterbed aquaponics set. This new pump is 4 watt more than previous, excess capacity should make the pump last longer.

Affnan's Aquaponics - Tomatoes Update 5th Oct 2016

Brief update on the tomatoes that I transplanted just over a week ago.

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Basic Aquaponics - Limestones Aeration

Putting aeration stone at bottom of the pot will give better circulation of water to the limestone.
This way it will speed up reaction of the acidic water with the stones.

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Goodbye Samsung - Your Phone Don't Meet My Requirement Anymore

I am switching to Huawei,  disappointed with Samsung that made it difficult to use external SD.

Left is my Honor 8 with 64 GB internal on the right daughter's Huawei P9+ Limited. Superb dual sim phones and I can use the external SD.

I do complete video capture, editing and blogpost on the phones. All the videos are now done on the honor 8.

Using Cinema FV5 for video capture, Power Director Cyberlink for edit and Blogaway Pro for blogspot and youtube direct posting.

Now I can make more video :)

Goodbye Samsung, you are chasing loyal customer away.

Basic Aquaponics - Water ph Adjust Using Limestone

Earlier checked aquaponics system water is about 6.1 ph. I need to boost this higher to around 6.5 to 7.0.

Low ph is acidic, plant cutting will rot before they can take root. This happens to Lemongrass and Pineapple crown that I'm testing.

Best to put the stones in pots so that it can be easily retrieve if needed.

My previous setup was using limestones before I switched to hydroton. Limestone is alkaline and hydroton us neutral.

Basic Aquaponics - Water ph Check

Checking ph with tester solution, my aquaponics system water is 6.1 ph.

Will adjust to buffer it higher using limestones.

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