Got my EDTA Fe few weeks ago at Nine Top Trading
My strawberry plant was showing sign of iron deficiency as below.
The plants not that healthy.
That was two weeks ago on 12th Nov, today its show sign of recovery with encouraging result.
It is still not as green as it should but nevertheless it is good to see some progress made after applying the EDTA Fe even some says that Aquaponics water is too high in ph that EDTA will not work.

My advise to those that are too concern about EDTA Fe is  - Don't read too much, practice then you will not get confuse over the information overload.

Solar Powered Aquaponics

The 15 mm StrainerBell siphon has manage to reduce water inflow to growbed hence pump power required is less, it is now possible to make a low cost solar set up due to this. Price of solar panels and its equipment can be less if power requirement is below 20 to 30 watt.
Above diagrams is a simple setup which make use of the 15 mm StrainerBell siphon in a media base flood & drain  growbed over a fish tank and the following components;

  1. 12V/24V 3A/5A Charge Controller
  2. 12 VDC 5 watt DC Submersible pump
  3. 20 ~ 30 watt Solar Panels
  4. Battery

Item 1 ~ 3 total cost should not be more than USD 50.00 ~ 60.00 as in ebay, but the battery will be subjective either new or used.

Excess power from the solar panels is stored to the battery for over night use, the pump and charge controller estimated current requirement is less than 1/2 ampere at 12 volts DC.

Strawberry Cutting - Almost 3 weeks

It was done here and almost three weeks has pass for this cutting, and at last it show new growth.... walla.. it survive.. well at least until today.
Small leaf has emerges and hope it grow this next few weeks.

Update 26th Nov - Surviving

15 MM StrainerBell Siphon

The 25 mm (1 inch) Funnel Bell Siphon was the first siphon that I made after few months of trying out various siphon style to get a good water control of the aquaponics growbed. It is reliable in its operation and has made my aquaponics quest a breeze.
I later made a smaller 20 mm siphon which are able to do same function as the 25 mm but with less parts, smaller and lighter to shipped. Smaller siphon will requires less water inflow to operates thus making power consumption of the water pump less as compared to its bigger brother.
I had been toying with even smaller siphon ever since I started aquaponics, in fact the first siphon that I made make use of 15 mm size stand pipe, however it was without the funnel for that venturi effect making in operationally unreliable. Again the smaller 15 mm siphon was use when I was testing hydroton somewhere early 2010 as here and photo below.
The siphon that I use in the above photo around February 2010 was a 15 mm siphon with strainer and bell enclosure. I did not use this design much because at that time it was very difficult to control.
Video of my earlier 20 mm Siphon just as a reference, this siphon has been replace with the current StrainerBell design which is easier and cheaper to make.
Since then I had gain more and more knowledge in the operation and tuning of the siphon making the 15 mm size standpipe a viable option again.

Few days ago I made a Crayfish tank and I decide to make use of the 15 mm siphon, this time it is a StrainerBell design to be use with the tank for water circulation purpose as in photo below.
The smaller the siphon, the more difficult it is to get right. This is due to its operational tolerance is very small, e.g. the water inflow required is small and the pump that being use also will be small, if there is degradation of pump in the case of blockage or age then water flow affected thus making the siphon fail to operate correctly.

I'm making another 15 mm siphon for my Ornamental set which currently using 20 mm siphon. The main reason why I am keen on trying this smaller size siphon is only for one reason that is for energy saving. Due to smaller inflow requirement, this siphon will be able to operate with a 5 watt pump, this small power requirement is ideal if we want to be off grid and operates aquaponics with solar energy.

Smaller water inflow also means that we may be able to get the siphon to operates with water from an airlift pump which we could powered by compressed air from a hand pump reservoir or just a tiny aerator which consume even less power.
On the left is the 15 mm StrainerBell siphon and the right is the 20 mm, all parts are the same just that it is 1 step smaller.
The siphon is installed to my spare Ornamental set for testing, which I need to verify it operational reliability and problems in actual growbed environment for at least six months before I can make any recommendations.
Installation is same like the 20 mm, it is just smaller. The extender tube is a 25 mm size then a 25 to 15 mm reducer to do the venturi.
Capped and ready to go.
I use as smaller pump, 20 mm siphon uses 1000 liter per hour pump, this 15 mm siphon uses 500 liter per hour pump.
Even at 500 liter per hour with 2 ft head, water inflow is still too much for this siphon. Above pump is rated at 7.7 watt, from my test a 5 watt pump is sufficient. This 15 mm siphon can do growbed size up to 10 sq ft. 

The energy requirement is 5 watt for each siphon, the electricity cost is calculated as below for Malaysian electricity tariff;
  • 5 watt x 24 hrs x 30 days = 3.6 kwh which will cost about RM 1.30 (USD 0.42) per month of operation.
  • It work out that on average this 15 mm siphon requires 1/2 watt of electricity per sq ft of growbed space.

Siphon top part is fixed in its design and tuning it can only be adjusted to set water level, what left is the outlet to be tune. Like a two stroke bike, the entire air path need to be tune for optimum operation, which will include air intake right down to the exhaust chamber for balancing the airflow.
Siphon is the same, we will need to tune it making an optimum water path and since the inlet part is already fix what's left will be the outlet part to be adjusted to suit. As a baseline design, standard double elbow arrangement works in most cases, but it has its limitation, if water inflow above or below the baseline for the siphon, the outlet needs to be modified.
Below are various outlet style that I am trying to get the optimum operation with water inflow more than what is needed.
Few more as follows, it is for illustration only. Each of these will require a long explanation of why it is that way.
Each outlet is tailored to specific condition of what we want to do to the siphon, either to reduce noise, to increase aeration or to compensate for too much or too little water.
There is more that the above design of outlet that I am currently testing for this 15 mm StrainerBell siphon and so far it's holding fine after few hours of operation. Now let see whether it can still hold after six months.

Crawfish Tank & A 15mm StrainerBell Siphon

It has been sometime since I last tried Crawfish, that time I was not ready and don't know what to expect of this crustasean . With some time to spare this afternoon and many surplus tanks and pipes, I decide to make a tank for it and at the same time making a small 15 mm siphon to test. Killing two birds with a stone.. as they said it.
I am using existing water source to water the new addition and right return tank as support. Surplus Dickson bars or angle irons make a rack using return tank as support. This arrangement make the distance for water return to be very small. It will be difficult to make a siphon.
Using one of the surplus smaller tub which already has holes in it for water inlet and previous 25mm siphon. The 25 mm siphon I use a tank adapter and pvc piping to make a stand pipe since I am not using this siphon, it is just to close the hole.

The other hole was for 15 mm pvc piping, this is just right for the smaller siphon I am  testing. I made this siphon same as the 20 mm StrainerBell just that it is using smaller parts.
The shorter return creates problem with existing fittings, I had to cut it to length so that siphon outlet just above water line in the return tank.
For now I'm setting the siphon to operates at water height of 11 cm, no extender use. I do not want to use too much water since there is no hydroton in this tank. I think Crawfish don't need that much water, and having a flood and drain can keep them continuously supply with fresh water.
This siphon will drain water to about 2 cm, it is preset that way due to the vent on the inverted vent cowl used. BTW it is a 2 inches vent cowl and uPVC pipes, the 20 mm Siphon make use of 3 inches uPVC.
That's the 11 cm water mark, hope Crawfish will not manage to escape.
Water inflow is a trickle, and I "tee" from existing feed to the right growbeds on my CRAFTS set.
That's the completed 15 mm StrainerBell siphon and water feed.
Outlet flushing, I will need to test these. Since it is smaller the operating margin is much less. Water required is also very much less, making this siphon a good candidate for a gutter growbed system.
The completed crawfish tank with smallest siphon I made to test.

Next I will need a few Crawfish... :)

The Real Reason Why Global Fuel Prices Going Down ?

This is too good to keep silence about it.

What will happen if you can have a battery that can have a lifespan of 20 years, charges in few minutes instead of hours and can deliver better current.

I leave it to your imagination on what is possible. Regardless of the outcome, we will then have a much cleaner source of energy, easily transported and store as compared to oil and it is much safer too.

Read about it more : Here

Thank you god for delivering these brilliant scholars, that manage to make these things happen. You have gave mankind Oil and they made an ass of themselves on administering it, you don't take it away.. but you have better option in giving us alternative.


Nine Top Trading

I had been looking for this place for quite sometime, the address and GPS location given on the net is misleading and send me in circles.  This fact is acknowledge by the shop owner as he heard numerous complains about it.
When there this afternoon and manage to get the Chelated Iron (FE) that I am looking for, what a relief and at last I got it right.
Nine Top is located at :

No. 8 Jalan Idaman 2
Taman Rawang Idaman, 48000 Rawang

email : ninetopseeds@gmail.com

GPS : 3.309613,101.558401

Romatech Agro

Make a quick trip to Romatech Agro earlier today to get some Agriculture care product, what I am looking for most is Chelated Iron (Fe) to supplement my aquaponics. Unfortunately they don't stock Fe, but since I am there might as well get some other stuff that is useful for my Aquaponics.
Romatech Agro is a small cozy start up, that deal mostly on fertigation items ranging from pumps, tubes to supplement that needed to start a fertigation setup. They also carry few starter kit from Cili Bangi that specialize in fertigation cili plants.
I pick up few items, Calcium Boron, Seaweed Extract and Neem oil to supplement my Aquaponics plants. Calcium for plant tissue and fruit deformities, Seaweed Extract for nutrient and Neem Oil to get rid of pest.

Romatech Agro located at :

Lot 4663, Kampung Baru Batu 14
Jalan Puchong, 47100, Puchong.

GPS : 2.992529,101.627315

Their web address is : http://romatechagro.blogspot.com

Trimming the Flower - On the Strawberry Plant.

Today I had to cut off all the flower buds and premature fruit from this plant that I allowed to fruit. It is not healthy and it's best to just remove letting plant grow.
Could it be to the heavy down pour that we're experiencing lately causing damage to fruit or is it lacking nutrient. I need to try and find out and make it better.

Slowly I'm learning.

So much for that, the good news is.. finally two of my Strawberry growbed has been completed.. there are eleven plants in each of the growbed. Now I can let it grow till next year season.
There is another two smaller growbed and I need another two plants to make that complete.

Getting Few More Fish - Lampam & Patin

Need few more fish to get system balance since I have more Strawberry plants in the growbed in the front. Since the tank already has some Jelawat or Hoven's Carp in it, I need to get some hardy fish that can tolerate it.
For the Jelawat tank I bought these Patin or Red Tail Catfish, they are very hardy and able to survive if placed with the Jelawat aggressive behavior.
Another tank I need to stock up already has Lampam, so got few more of these Lampam or Tin Foil Barb. This fish can't survive if I put it with the Jelawat.