One Growbed Done

Its back breaking job to haul 4 wheelbarrow load of pebbles over 50 meter, but a man got to do what a man got to do.

This about 11 inches of growbed approximately 200 kg in total.

The growbed on the left has to be put on hold till the new rack ready, Someone wanted a set quite urgent and I decide to assist. Since this rack is new, so why not sell it as a kit. I will get a replacement in a couple of days.

Water is very murky since those pebbles are from my old set which was stored for over a year. Will let water cycle non stop over the next one week or so.

This finish growbed took 4 min 49 sec to fill @ 800 lt/hr inflow and 1 min 22 sec to drain, so the cycle is a little over 6 minutes. That's 10 flush per hour.

So tired today, with all that work.

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