MH 370

Latest media statement, confirming Flapperon is from MH 370, as Caregiver for the next of kin on the ill fated flight and as an SME on the airplane type I'm relief to hear this latest development.

I can understand that some of the NOKs are at the stage of denials, I am looking forward with this confirmation that I could normalize my life to what it was before the incident. This has been a difficult and painful period in my Aviation Career.

Dayak Onion

Dayak Onion, Bawang Bukit, Mala Bawang or Bawang Huma are among the names for this plant. Its scientific name is Eleutherine palmifolia (L.) Merr and it is a medicinal plant that is use by the Dayak tribe in Borneo.

Bought a handful from the day market in Pekan, Pahang sold by an Orang Asli from that area and I want to try and plant it in my Aquaponics set.

Few bulb planted in my gutter growbed,

and a few more in the ornamental set.

A few bulbs I planted in normal dirt, just to make sure if the aquaponics trial fail at least I still have few left to try again.

Various studies done on this plant on its medicinal properties. Traditionally used as diuretic, vermifuge, abortifacient, antifertility agent.