14 Feb 2013 - Update

Its been two weeks since I officially restarted my Aquaponics set, still a long way to go. Planted few simple easy plants for initial before its mature.

All is well no hiccup with the siphon, however I am currently running it at 24/7. Will put in the timer once that electrical bus bar is place in a better compartment or box. That I need to do very soon.

Rosemary clipping I planted direct to growbed, don't know what to expect. This is part of my herb growbed, currently only two growbed but I'm adding another two covering about 10 ft the back lane length wise.

Mint is a must for any herb growbed, and its a simple plants that don't need much attention and can do early in the system life cycle.

Selom above is another simple plant, cuttings will do nicely and they will surely grow.

Kesum or Knot weed leave  also a must for Asian kitchen.

Basil that I earlier bought from supermarkets planted, look like sweet basil not the Thai Basil that I normally do. I may be wrong.

Few seeds germinate, it could be chilli that sprout first. This tray I do Chinese ChivesLetuce, Okra, Kailan and Chinese Celery. These are for my other growbed that I am setting up later on.

Tilapia fingerling coming to term of their surrounding and started eating and less jumping. Its a mix of Red and Black, but the Black don't look like the normal Black Tilapia slight different. Wait till they are bigger then we'll see the difference.


  1. Hi from Italy
    I've seen in youtube that mint can be a problem for its massive huge root growth. What's your experience?

    1. I did not find it as a problem yet, just make sure its not too near the siphon.