Tilapia - Easier Option

If you are in Klang Valley, there is a place in Subang New Village where they do Tilapia. They sell each fingerling at RM 0.25.
Tilapia is a cheap fish not many place want to keep stock since they eat and require same attention as that of more expensive fish.

Below is their location

Some of the RM 0.25 Tilapia Fingerling, these cost more but after taking consideration of how far you need to travel to get a cheaper ones, this is a better option.

GPS : N3.14498 E101.53768


  1. do you know any place neare to petaling jaya area.
    if not do they sell in small amounts like 5-10

    1. Tilapia fry are seasonal, sometimes they are available and sometime they are not. You can check Aquarium shops in Sungai Buluh, Pekan Subang they stock this fish. Most shop don't want to keep this fish because of the low selling price but still eat a lot just like more expensive fish.