Abu Dhabi Both Growbed Done

Both siphon replaced, I am monitoring the set to ensure trouble free operation.

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Electronics Ph Tester Overview

Bought one from ebay about USD 12.00, using it with my old skool solution tester.  It's okay, you just need some time to get use to it.

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PH Testing

This is the way most water is tested for Ph value in an Aquaponics set.
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Bayam On The Rise - Update 22nd Nov 2013

This is my Aquaponics system update on 22nd Nov 2013, what's happening and what else can be done.
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Neighbour's Setup - The Video

Completed setting up a simple aquaponics set for a neighbour and testing it out for constant flushing.

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Setup for a Neighbour

Last week was called to do some assessment on this concrete tank to see what I could recommend to minimised work required to keep this tank clean.
Above tank is about 900 gallon capacity with few fish to ensure no mosquito breed in it. I recommend growbed over this tank to minimise algae growth and keep it as simple as possible. Earlier today all items purchase by the owner and I just provide siphon installation and final tweak.
First of the two growbed, this tub is fibreglass and it's smaller than I normally use. I gave a shopping list, its owner purchased item so, just do what I can. The rack were specified for the blue plastic tub which is slightly bigger than this.
Not properly supported, the length and width need to be reduce by 3 inches to ensure better support. It then rains cat and dogs, that reduce my time to get things done. Oh well... there always another day.
Water outlet angled to create some water flow within the tank making a swirl to let solids settle near pump.
Water inlet a simple pipe at the moment, it rain so heavy I cannot complete the water setting to ensure good siphon action.
By the time this second growbed done, it's already quite late and i's time to stop. Water inlet for this growbed I put a temporary Ball Valve to get water balance right. The distance from pump to growbed is not equal, so need some adjustment and pump is also higher capacity.
Need to continue tomorrow for the water inlet adjustment, then it should works without much problem.

Seedling Planting Tool Rivisited

A better explanation of the planting tool that I made. I use it many times for planting in pebbles growbed, hydroton is gentler on my finger so not that critical.
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Bayam Getting Bigger

Looks like the transplant goes well for the spinach plant, it recovered. Soon they will out do all other plant. This Bayam is a short term vegetable, love these and is so easy to grow.
I sow it directly onto growbed and then start to transplant as it reaches manageable size.
Once recovered they will grow very fast, in about a week or two it will be harvest time.

A Relay Flip Flop

Found this AC Relay in the local hardware for RM 12.00 that is about USD 4.00. This relay operates off AC, the control coil is AC current activated. DC Relay is common but AC is a bit hard to get and not use that often. AC Relay has a special arrangement of "anti chattering" due to the continuously changing voltage polarity affect on the relay coil by having a slight gap between the coil core and the activating arm.
This relay has a Double Pole Double Throw set of contacts, ideal to be use as a means of switching power source to two device alternately. If it is couple with a Photo Switch then we could have one device powered during the day and the other during the night.
Actually that's what I intent to do, daytime the pump will be running and at night an aerator or alternate pump will run which could power my Bug Fountain.
Relay pin out above, this can be easily incorporated into my existing Aquaponics power requirement.
Simplified schematic above showing how I intent to wire it up for existing usage. Only thing missing from the diagram are "override" switch that may be needed to switches ON a device during its normally OFF condition for testing or just switching it ON during OFF time as mentioned.

Another possible use of this relay in Aquaponics is to use it as a switch for back up power just in case the grid fail. In this setup, the coil will be permanently wired up to grid power and bias the relay towards NO contact. If power failure occur relay relax and goes to NC where back up power supply could be waiting to kick in.

Or it can also be use for switching between Solar or Grid power, but in this case it's best to use low voltage DC Relay which is more convenient and safe.

Above diagram shows Single Pole Double Throw type, a Double Pole Double Throw just multiply the contacts by two and it could be use to switched the Neutral part of the circuit, or uses by another circuit altogether.

Right, this is cheap and simple enough to do with minimum components, I will not need the Timer anymore if this one works good.

Update 8th Nov 2013

Rainy season is back, water will be surplus and with that will cause nutrient lack in my set due to overflow apart from that issue nothing been happening much.

Transplant some Bayam (Spinach) seedling, that I sow direct to growbed. Kailan seeds seems didn't sprout and few other just disappeared. I probably need to sow those in sowing tray next.
These seedling are quite fragile, with heavy down pour they could get damage.
This bayam consider as simple vegetable, I can only do Tomatoes after about 1 year of system operation the natural way, earlier that that it will not be good.
Cekur Manis above show sign of iron deficiency, rain water wash away nutrient in the tank. I need to look for more iron scrap or Chelated Iron will do too.
I am going to Dubai this 25th for a week, hopefully I can visit Sheikh Jabber Place to see their setup.

Siphon - Update 4th Nov 2013

A short video presentation of my revised siphon. This siphon has evolved from those that I use five years ago to this current design. Over the years as experiences gained either from personal or feedback from others, I made few changes here and there to improve.

All alteration has its reason, this present design is much easier to install without needing glue or any adhesive. It is also using thicker material, reason being previously I hand cut those tubes and pipes, it is very difficult to do if it's thick. Now I use a circular cutter, I choose thicker. It will stand up better to the elements but one drawback it is heavier.

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Steven's Aquaponics

Who would have know that an Old Folks Home located in Seksyen 18 Petaling Jaya is teaming with life, the inmates may be old but it's management is keen on Aquaponics.

Update : Dec 2014
I was informed that Mr. Steven Wee has stop his Aquaponics activity due to commitment on other area of his business.
All sort of Aquaponics set up are there and been tried, from Dutch Buckets to Vertical Towers. Mr Steven Wee the owner are very passionate with aquaponics and I must say it's a very complete setup and ideal for school kids looking for an Aquaponics place to visit.
 Growbed style Aquaponics with seedling and Turmeric.
 These are made from IBC and raised for planting with fish tank located few feet away.
NFT with lots of growth.
 More on NFT below.

 Couple of Aquaponics Malaya members, enjoying the visit with Kopi "O" in hand.

Vertical tower with Pak Choy I think, can't really catch the name.

Tilapia powered Aquaponics

Mr Steven Wee is very passionate with his work, it a show case on what are the potential for Aquaponics in Urban Farming over here in Malaysia.

From this and earlier post on Mr. Perng setup in a Condomonium/Apartment will make an eye opener for more Malaysian to try out Aquaponics filling the empty space and time.