A New Fish Pond - Part II

With the help of a local Handyman my new pond starting to take shape. Lets face it, I can't do it myself.. so I chicken out.

Pay someone to do it, then I just concentrate on other things like making money to pay him.

Pond is about 15'x4'x2' and its an over the ground enclosure, that is big enough for lots of fish. I intend to have two pond in my backyard, one reserve for fingerlings using PVC tank that I use earlier and this concrete pond.

Inside as can be seen is a sewage access and a water drain access, these two giving me hard time to ensure they are made watertight. Buildings bylaw won't allow me to close those panels with concrete.

What I'll do is to have a piece of pond liner cut out slightly bigger then the access panel and water proof it from the top. I got to do both access panel, one is metal the other is made out of concrete.

Plan B is, if all else fail, I'll need to get a pond liner tailor made to the dimension of the pond and slip it in, this will cost me extra cash. I'll have to do this if everything else fail.

Once ready, I need to just fill it up for about 1 month of so, checking for leaks, and to ensure acidity level checked. Rule of thumb old farmers style just wait for algae to grow. I need to put few fishes, those really "tough guy" type to have mosquito under control. The Climbing Perch is just the right candidate.

BTW This pond should holds about 2500 litres of water.


  1. Berapa anggaran kos &upah buat kolam ni?

  2. hi do you know where to get a pond liner?

  3. Good effort to have a pond and you have called someone for help but you know, you must have to keep it maintain by yourself. Pond Pro 2000, Made in USA will definitely make it easy.