Growth Tube System - NFT

This is growth tube Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) System.  It is probably closest to Hydroponics then any other type of Aquaponics setup that commonly practiced.

In this setup, water pumped and fed to growth tube uppermost point and run along the tube by gravity which eventually return to tank. Multiple growth tubes linked together are possible and adequate solids filtration is recommended due to fish waste tends to deposit at plants root causing anaerobic bacteria presence which is bad for plant growth.

This system are widely use, due to its simplicity, lower cost and a straight forward migration from hydroponics which makes it easier to source parts needed for the build.

Variation of this NFT in the form of Vertical growth tubes is also widely use to grow plants like Strawberry, by making recess in the tube that able to accept growth media vertically.

NFT is probably the cheapest way to practice Aquaponics for new comer that hesitant to spend on more elaborate system.

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