Dead Fish - Everywhere

Google Earth coordinate of this beach : 103° 27.447'E 4° 23.340'N

Very upset today.. just back from 3 days trip to the East Coast, leisure in the sun at Awana Kijal, Terengganu.. and to my shock... fish floating in the water.

Too upset to take photos... I spend 3 hours today cleaning the tank. It never happen before.. what could I do wrong. I left the fishes before for longer period about 1 week no problem.

What did I do wrong,, I was worried.. until I was cleaning the tank... I found 2 cigarette butt in my growth bed, exactly near the water inlet... not one but two.. cigarette butt..

All my KOI died, all my Mansher died, all my Barb died,, what left are the Climbing Perch and the Yellow Tail Catfish..

Someone had put cigarette butts in my aquaponics system, and this is enough to kill some of the fishes, tar or nicotine in the butt act like a poison in the water and probably drugged the fishes.

What a bad day today... :(


  1. so sorry to hear about it.

    shows what cigarettes are doing to humans eh?

  2. Sorry to hear about your fish Affnan. Keep up the terrific job of imparting your wisdom and knowledge of aquaponics - much appreciated - Colin