Waterproofing Goes Wrong

Drained my concrete fish tank after a week of conditioning. Waterproofing using canvas and sealant not that good. Its OK for short term but for long term I don't think I can rely on it.

Upon close inspection found sealant peeling off, exposing canvas. Long term with fish inside I am worried it may fail. I decided to rip off all canvas and sealant, tomorrow I will use cement to sealed the panels "Temporarily".

As long I know where to "break" the concrete to get to the panels I guess it OK, from experience that access panel is use only maybe once in 20 years.

OK, then I will break the tank floor once every 20 years.


  1. Waterproofing membrane is the final waterproofing layer before the fill and topsoil is put on top of the house. Right?

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