Aquaponics Siphons - Part I

Straight Stand Pipe Bell Siphon

  • On all these siphons design, a strainer pipe should be installed around the bell, this is to prevent gravel entering the bell.

Straight Stand Pipe Bell Siphon with Air Break Tube

Stand Pipe Bell Siphon with Venturi Adapter

I have made some changes to this valve to ensure better control : Check Here
Check here for detailed explanations of my valve : Affnan' Valve Explained


  1. Question about your Bell Siphon. Forgive me since I'm new to all this aquaponics though I do maintain several aquariums. Question is the pipe leading out of the grow bed, does it have to be bent or can it be straight down into sump or fish tank?

  2. After much experimenting, the first vertical is recommended to be about 6 inches then the 90 degrees elbow.