Flushing - Unexplained

I have pump problem, it will not cause flushing (that's what I though)

What happened was, with a lower rating pump about 12 to 14 watt (Lower Blue), it flushes but sometimes it don't cut out. This I yet to figure out why it happen, anyone have any idea.

Below 12 watt (Red) is just not enough water in to cause siphon, beyond 45 watt (Upper Blue) is will not cutoff due more water in then out.

The best operating ranges is about 20 watt to 45 watt ( Green)

Something weird here, I always thought that flushing did not cut off with too much water. But that lower blue range is just can't be explain (not yet anyway)


  1. I put your website as a link on backyardaquaponics.com.au forum website

    Great site - thanks for the help

  2. How can I send you an email with an attachment? I think I have an answer. Regards - Colin