Bell Valve - "Bend Over"

This is one type of siphon that I never tried.

Ok for Dexter this is theoritically how it should be made. If you decide to make this one, give some feedback on it.

Above another variation of same.


  1. Hey! Fancy seeing this idea here! I tried this one on my own (pic 1),.. it didn't work. When the water level reached just below half the elbow say somewhere where your dialogue box ends, the outflow slowed to a trickle and allowed air to be sucked back thru the down spout and broke the siphon.

    I tried changing the inflow rate thru a ball valve - didn't work on any setting.

    What probably happens is that since the water is being forced up against gravity - it doesn't have as much pressure as say something like your swivel valve does.

    Also this is more like a inverted rigid auto loop siphon rather than a bell siphon.

  2. What you've explain is true, the water going in will be pull back due to gravity since pipe out is smaller then the inverted opening.

    This will cause water to be suck in thru the outlet cutting the siphon.., the second picture may work due the reducer is downward towards water outlet.

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