Trip to Aquatics International

Went to Aquatics International earlier today with the kids, one of the biggest in this part of the world about 10 minutes drive from home. They have fresh water and salt water section.

Following are photos shot on some of the fishes, too many to snap them all.

Above - Red Kelah (Mansheer)

Lampam - Tinfoil Barb - RM 1.00 each about USD 0.28

Red Tilapia Fry - RM 0.50 about USD 0.12 each in small quatity, if a lot then about RM 0.12 ~ 0.20 each

Cray Fish - Yabbies - Fresh Water Lobster, they are RM 4.00 each that USD 0.75

Above some salt water species, hey that one is a filmstar !

Is this angelfish ?

This got to be shark

Another Shark and whats that spotted one there ?

Google Earth / Map coordinate for Aquatics International : 101° 32.913'E 3° 8.668'N put it in your Nuvi and there you are at their door step.

Their website : here

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