Swivel Valve - Multi Mode :)

Updates : Loop Siphon Basic : Here

Today, I've make that new valve setup. Here's the video. Its an adaptation of an already available loop siphon I just take it to next step and make it use able in the aquaponics community.
I hope with this second design, the aquaponics enthusiast will have a better option in making their own system Next I'll try to design a "Prefilter" that will remove fish solid waste that are not needed in aquaponics.
Quote from aquaponics.com.au "When solids are allowed to enter grow beds, over time build up occurs and can cause anaerobic areas within the grow beds to develop, which in turn causes toxic substances to develop." 
Updates : After practicing Aquaponics for some times, I do not use a pre-filter anymore.  My earlier Bell Valve design is Here cheers.

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