Bell Valve System

This is the sketch of a simple aquaponics setup, this set up make use of my bell valve. This valve is not the same as those using a tube from top of the bell dome runs down the side to cut off water.

This one use the venturi adapter to start and stop water without any other tubes.

Above diagram is the setting of the system.
The above diagram, shows water level equivalent to stand pipe height. At this point water started to overflow and start the siphon action.
Diagram above shows, water reach the lower level, where it coincide with the bell inlet, air start to go in and break the siphon.

How to make the Bell Valve ? Check it : Here



  1. I have really enjoyed all your video postings and actually have built a bell siphon. I do have a question. How long and how often do you let you beds fill and is there a chance for root rot to set in on the plants.

    1. Hi Thanks for your comments,on my setup I practice a very rapid flow flood and drain timing, one cycle of flood and drain is about 5~8 minutes. I also switches Off the pump at night(when ever no daylight)with a leak hole to ensure root not submerge in water during this period.

      I never have any root rot problem, during all these years doing it. Have a good growbed media that let water flow easily and maybe that pump off cycle do good.

      I am always in favour for Pump Off during night time, this reduce pump maintenance and prolong its life.

      Hope this help.

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