Video Updates 26th June 2009

Video updates of my Aquaponics System.

I am conditioning the fish tank and hope to complete setting up within this next 2 weeks.

I will use Bell Valve system for about 4 grow beds on top of the tank, with enough space left to carry out various setup that I'm trying to check out.

I am confident Aquaponics can provide food for the family therefor I decide to make a permanent setup and stock more fishes and vegetable.

Currently I sourcing Red Tilapia fry, since they are hardy fishes and taste good too.


  1. Assalamualaikum Affnan. I'm Akmar and new to aquaponics. For the past week I've been surfing the net researching on aquaponics when i chanced upon your blog 3 nights ago. I think you are a very good person for sharing your knowledge. I still haven't finished reading. I particularly like your statement "I am confident aquaponics can provide food for the family...". Last Sunday, I set up a crude mini aquaponics system, comprising of 2 feet aquarium with 50 red tilapia fingerlings. This is just to give me a feel of how to rear fish. Almost half has died but I'm determined with the presence of your blog, somehow, I'm confident Aquaponics will one day provide food for my family. Thank you.

  2. W'salam Akmar, Aquaponics is new here in Malaysia, its was only about 4~5 years old. Most of those earlier venture was a failure. Feel free to browse this blog. If you are keen on Aquaponics you can join our Forum at