More Seeds To Sow

Today do another few pots. Kaffir Lime, Egg Plant and Celery for the back setup.
Kaffir Lime got it from the wet market, get those over ripe "nobody wanted" ones. Cut in halves and get the seeds out.
I use two Kaffir Lime to get few plants. It is not for aquaponics but sowing much easier to be done in growbed.
Dried Lime seeds for planting. This plant we use the leaves for flavouring. It has a unique smell and flavour found in Thai cooking.
Celery and Egg Plants seed from nurseries nearby, Celery seeds is plenty at RM 4.00 but Egg Plants very few at RM 3.00. Hopefully it is not old stock and will germinate without problem.
Pots for Celery and Egg Plant above filled with potting soil and sprayed to get it moist.
Bigger pots for Kaffir Lime, sow three seed to a pot just to ensure I have more than needed in case some didn"t make it.
All pots in the growbed, will takes 7 to 14 days to germinate. The Celery I will leave it to grow in these pots.
Kaffir Lime and Egg Plants will be transplant once they are big enough. I will use bigger pots for both these plants and we'll see how it fare.

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