Selangor Green Lane

Where is Selangor Green Lane ? It is the stretch of road from Shah Alam to Sungai Buloh a few kilometers long. Although the road is long but major activities concentrate along the stretch near Kota Damnansara at GPS Location : 3.170935, 101.570790
There are many Garden Centres and Aquarium shop along this road, the popular ones with Aquaponics and Hydroponic hobbyist is Lot 19 for LECA and few other items needed for growbed.

I stayed nearby and is convenient for me to drop in these places daily if I need something or just window shopping (well not exactly window) maybe "Lawn Shopping" is more appropriate for ideas or just figuring out how to solve some problem I have with installation, fixtures or just need containers for some project that I am doing.

Today is no exception, I am just looking for "something" that is suitable for doing another "something" . The fun part is you can have ideas in your head but, most of the time it is not available ready made, so most of the time I need to improvise to get as best to the idea that I have.
I am posting few photos, nothing in particular just giving some idea of what available at these places. I am not recommending nor condemning any Lot in particular, most of them are doing their business and as usual some are good and some are not.
Ornamental sets for home are plenty to choose from, they are made of fiberglass and fabricate to look like porcelain. There are also porcelain set which is heavier and cost more.
All sort of shape style and sizes.
Some of these set can be adopted to do aquaponics, however they are more for ornamental style not so much at producing anything for family consumption.
Plants and more plants, very refreshing to see. This Lot 36 do sell few pots that I like, will keep this lot in view.
Most of these places are manned by Bangladeshi they are okay, but for more expensive stuff do negotiate with the owners.
Owners are more concern about their business as compared to workers, so Lot owners generally will be more friendly and better at customer relation.
44 is not a good number for the Chinese, but I hope the owner is not superstitious. More flower at this place and they also do herbs.
and more pots.
Nice minimalist design for water features.
Rows of water pot, these are without holes, use for water plants like lotus or water lily.
Nothing in particular.
They also have a place that deal with these, beautiful wood furniture. Great for patio or gazebos, they do make gazebos for those that wanted it.

I am not going to post all photos of all the places, it will be endless but I'll add the aquarium shop later in this post.

Below is a list of Lot at Selangor Green Lane and I'll add more as I can get them.
  • Lot 16 SMM Landscape Sdn Bhd
  • Lot 18 Pun Sam Nursery
  • Lot 19 Wellgrow Horti
  • Lot 21 Warisan Hijau Tropics Landscape Sdn Bhd
  • Lot 22 Scenic Tropical Garden
  • Lot 23 Soon Lee Nursery
  • Lot 24 Kean Huat Nursery & Landscaping Sdn Bhd
  • Lot 28 Vase Trading
  • Lot 29 Nurseri Inspirasi Bestari
  • Lot 38 Pelangi Landscape Sdn Bhd
  • Lot 43 Sun Beauty Home & Landscaping Trading Sdn Bhd
  • Lot 44 My Unique Garden
  • Lot 49 Delima Tani (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Lot 51 Aquarium Shop
  • Lot 52 Mohd Amin Nurseries
  • Lot 55 Everflora Nursery & Landscape
  • Lot 56 Evershine Garden
  • Lot 57 Hew Pang Keong
  • Lot 61 Paling Horticulture Sdn Bhd
  • Lot 62 Aquarium Shop
  • Lot 64 Chia Yit Nursery
  • Lot 66 K.C. Landscape Services
  • Lot 67 Asia Nursery
  • Lot 69 Green Acre Florist & Orchid Shop
  • Lot 70 Soon Li Bonsai Nursery


  1. Hi Affnan, which one listed sells tilapia fingerlings?

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  3. Hi Affnan, which one listed sells WATER FOUNTAIN?

  4. Hi.. do you sell acquarium plant?

  5. Hi, which one sells the water pot?

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