Turmeric Planting

Turmeric leaves give nice fragrant for Asian dishes, sowing few roots today. Bought few roots last Monday and planting it today before it dry up.
Plenty of roots for a few buck and they do well in aquaponics provided the water level is not set too high. Turmeric requires thicker dry zones so that the root does not get water soak and turn bad.
Decided to use pots within growbed, this way it is easier to manage, especially for turmeric where it needs thicker dry zones. Filled pots with LECA then lay those roots before covering it fully. These pots can be raised to adjust water level relative to the pot individually. This way it will not affect other plants that may not requires such condition.
Four pots in all and they will be in the growbed to grow.
Turmeric will takes some time to grow new shoots, it's very slow. I can easily move these pot around if needed to suit planting requirement of just to clean the tub.

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