Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Journal 10th August 2014

Giving these few runners a head start, prepare few small pots with potting mix to let runner take root. Prepare few small pots as it easier to place in my Ornamental set.
Lightly mixed in basic organic fertilizer to get it going and sprayed with water to moisten.
Thses runner will do better in soil at the moment, I will transfer these to bigger pot filled with cocopeat and place them in my Aquaponics set. It will be not 100% aquaponics, some what of an hybrid system, easy does it not to over do since these plants is still not use to lowland heat.
Once I can detach the runner from it umbilical I'll put these in another growbed. It is a slow process propagating this plant and to get it use to the lowland heat at the same time.

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