Making Another Set To Test Out

LECA is costly so using it in large quantity is expensive. I will always try to make aquaponics either easier or cheaper to do, without sacrificing its reliability and functionality.
As usual nearest place for me is Selangor Green Lane in Shah Alam near Kota Damansara and spend almost two hours hopping from one place to another. Lot 56 above is just an example and there are many other places that do similar items.
What I am looking for is a plastic pot large large enough to turn into fish tank. Porcelain available but those are heavy and I already had one running as Ornamental set.
Big porcelain vase I'll keep my option open for these and may use it in future project, but for now a big plastic tub is what I am more interested of.
Closest thing I can find for this next set I'm making, it measures slightly more than two feet across on top and take up about four square feet of space. Water volume should be sufficient for the test that I'm going to do, but it has one major flaw.
It has holes !!! :( four of it, at the bottom for water drain because it is a flower pot. Well okay it's a huge flower pot, ideal for drip irrigation aquaponics.
I purchased one and will need to seal those holes. As a test unit for my Strawberry Project it's okay but for long term, I'll just have to find out. Making for others ? No way I'll use these, too much of a risk to take.
As a growbed these planter box will do nicely for the intended test I'm doing. I want to use rain gutter actually but they only sell them in 4 meter length, not viable for a test unit. This planter box is approximately the right size and almost the right depth too, so it will do.
Those two boxes will be place something like above for this set up. I hope the container below can take their weight. One box will be filled with LECA, the other I will use potted media base aquaponics growbed.  Both will use a siphon flood and drain, but I have not decide either to use one common master siphon or individual unit.

Using master siphon will reduce the pump size needed because effectively it will only require to trigger one siphon. Individual siphon will need a bigger pump, and more power required. I am testing a shorter version of the 20 mm StrainerBell which is suitable for a very low water height in the growbed.

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