Equatorial Lowland Strawberry Project - Journal 24th August 2014

Almost two weeks had passed since I redo these Strawberry plants. They're showing sign of recovery.

These runners that was left in the ornamental set grown bigger and I'll give them few more weeks before separating from parent plant.

Few more runners emerges from plant that was redo and later photo is actually a 2nd generation plant producing runner.
New runner from daughter plant that was bought from Cameron Highland. Photo here showing roots forming and we need to put this touching ground for it to take root and grow.

More runners and some showing sign of heat damaged. Will need to beef up on the shades for sun block.
Out of twelve pots that was redo four suffer heat damage, I decide to trim all its leaves and let the root recover. Constant watering done, even in an aquaponics setup to ensure they do not dried up. It is a learning process for me, not knowing what to expect. One thing at a time and now I am just getting these plant to get use to their hotter surrounding and multiply.

Strawberry like acidic soil about pH 6.2 and in my aquaponics set it is normally more towards alkaline side. Not adjusting anything yet, get it to recover and growth is my first priority. What ever the outcome of this three years project I sure am going to get lots of knowledge in planting Strawberry and that's a good thing even if its fail.

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