Tilapia Updates

Nothing special, these already few months old it was purchase on 20th April. It is slow growth I intent to do it that way. It is not for commercial so I ensure they are not overfed otherwise it will be more blubber or fat than flesh.
Started with 150 in each of the return tank, not sure how many are left.
The feeder tank has remnant from last season fish and from this tank is what I use for table fish or give away to others.


  1. dear brother Affnan, do you install any bedding for these types of tanks? how does tilaphia breed their eggs? do they need any soil or etc living n such tank? i really enjoyed following your blog ever since and this is the first time im asking you about my doubtful thought. thank you again and Selamat hari Raya.

    1. Thanks Najib for your comment, nothing special needed they will breed in this tank. Only that for producing fry I will select 2 males and 4 or 5 females for it and place them in the tank with few pots or bricks to prevent direct confrontation.