Anthurium Demise

Planted Anthurium plants about 3 months back in this single barrel set, this plant was chosen due to location of this set is at a shady area.
It is a small plant and ideal for small set up, somehow it doesn't do well in aquaponics. Three months has passed and it doesn't show any positive growth. Plant dying slowly and one by one the leaves started to dried out.
This plant make a nice ornamental plants due to its colourful flowers and small in size. The leaves is hard and almost like plastic. I had no choice but to pull it all out and temporarily planted buffer plant to just get the set under control.
No significant root growth after three months planted in this set and more and more leaves dying or just dried up. I will try to salvage what is left and use pots to get it back to health.
Its not completely died off, there are some life left in these plant, so will do the needful and transfer it to pots tomorrow. let it dry out for few hours outside the aquaponics environment and then will trim down for potting.

This plant suppose to be able to survive under shady condition and they like moist organic soil. Need to find out and try again later on aquaponics planting of this plant, something is not done right. Just need to find out what.. :)

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